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Risk of Skydiving Accidents - Skydiving accidents are relatively uncommon. Learn about the frequency of skydiving accidents and see statistics from the United ...

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The sport of skydiving continues to improve its safety record. In 2015, USPA recorded 21 fatal skydiving accidents in the U.S. out of roughly 3.5 million jumps.

How common are skydiving accident deaths? Not very. - The Boston ...


Sep 30, 2014 ... Three men have been killed in skydiving accidents in Massachusetts this year, highlighting the risks of what many consider to be a dangerous ...

How Dangerous is Skydiving?


Sep 15, 2011 ... Compare that against the statistics of skydiving accidents. According to the United States Parachuting Association, there are an estimated 3 ...

Why Skydiving is not safer than driving – Mind Your Decisions


Apr 19, 2012 ... I had a hard time accepting that skydiving could ever be considered a ... to judge the risk of skydiving objectively using cold, hard statistics.

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Mar 26, 2009 ... United States Air Force Academy Cadet Caroline White, an AM-490 jump instructor for the 98th Flight Training Squadron, prepares to land after ...

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It is an unofficial record of fatal skydiving accidents since January 1, 2004. Dropzone.com does not guarantee the accuracy of information or skydiving statistics ...

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The National Center for Health Statistics reports the average life expectancy in ... Another study shows the odds of dying while skydiving in the United States is 1 ...

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A training program for first jump students where the skydiving skills development rate is accelerated over that of the ...

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Jan 7, 2014 ... Skydiving is at 10 micromorts (see quote below). Scuba-diving is about the same at 8 micromorts. But so is a marathon. Or just 4 days in the life ...