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If you're thinking about ending your life, and you're wondering how to slit your wrists, there something you ought to know about. Slitting your wrists is a bloody ...

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when you have so much bad emotion for something,(ex: hate love fear etc.)and you dont know what to do with it,you inflict physical pain on your sel...

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However, if you slit your wrists vertically, there is no hope of you surviving, as these wounds are physically impossible to sew up. This strikes ...

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If you want to cut your wrists, cut along the blue line (vein) on the underside of your wrist, but cut deeply so that the artery underneath is exposed. Cut this ...

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The movies always get it wrong, so I thought I'd give the correct procedure to you fellow noders. Just something to think about when you feel you have c...

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Seriously - don't read on if you have wrist issues when it comes to SI. ... It's actually kinda difficult to slit your wrists and die. I would know.

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Well it really depends where a bouts on your wrist you cut, also how deep the cut is and how long the cut is. You will defiantly bleed if you break the skin, if you ...

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How long does it take for someone to die after sliting their wrists? 2. ... Please don't slit your wrists, I can tell from your questions that you are not ...

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Jul 24, 2012 ... Best Answer: No- the veins in your wrists arn't actually that big- they'll clot up before you .... Is there a less painful way to slit your wrists?

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Q: Is it bad to slit your wrists?
A: It's bad to harm yourself, i know from a past experience. My motto is; "If you really really really need it that bad, then do it. If you don't, don't do it. : H... Read More »
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Q: Is it wrong to slit your wrists?
A: If you ACTUALLY slit your wrists, I highly doubt you would be typing. As for self-harm, yeah. It's wrong. I've been doing it for six years. It's a hard habit to... Read More »
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Q: Is It Ok To Slit Your Wrist?
A: No I got into the habit of it when I was driving my car back in high school. It started making my wrist sore so I stopped Read More »
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Q: Why is it bad to slit your wrists?
A: Slitting wrists is a form of attempting suicide, and as such is against all moral & religious precepts Read More »
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Q: Should you slit your wrists?
A: well its called EMO I am emo so yeah. but I just do it and all them other people do it because it is called Emo. Read More »
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