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How to slit your wrists? Here are 8 detailed instructions you can follow, as well as some common concerns about cutting the wrists to commit suicide. However ...

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Now you're almost ready to slash your wrists. Strip down, lay back in the tub, and try to relax. The hardest part is coming up, so be sure to think of all the pain and ...

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If you want to cut your wrists, cut along the blue line (vein) on the underside of your wrist, but cut deeply so that the artery underneath is exposed. Cut this ...

What's the best way to insure death by cutting your wrist ...


Slice longwise and split that vein open in such a way that you can't just bend your wrist to close the wound. Edit: Remember if you don't have ...

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How long does it take for someone to die after sliting their wrists? 2. ... Please don't slit your wrists, I can tell from your questions that you are not ...

Can you die from cutting your wrists? : morbidquestions - Reddit


Jun 4, 2015 ... Like the other poster said, yes, but the wrists are very tough. ... die from cutting horizontally, but if you were to cut from your wrist to your elbow, ...

What happens if you slit your wrist - Answers.com


Well it really depends where a bouts on your wrist you cut, also how deep the cut is and how long the cut is. You will defiantly bleed if you break the skin, if you ...

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Lyrics to 'Song To Slit Your Wrist By' by Motley Crue. Distortion / Out of phase / Washes over my sour face / My life is through / Guess i owe it all to you /

'Slit your wrists, mate': Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman tells ... - ABC


Mar 14, 2016 ... The Tasmanian Premier is forced to apologise to the state's Opposition Leader for suggesting he slit his wrists.

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when you have so much bad emotion for something,(ex: hate love fear etc.)and you dont know what to do with it,you inflict physical pain on your sel...

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However, if you slit your wrists vertically, there is no hope of you surviving, as these wounds are physically impossible to sew up. This strikes ...

How fast would you die if you cut your wrist? | Yahoo Answers


Feb 3, 2009 ... More often than not, people who attempt to kill themselves by slitting their wrists end up living. When you slit across your arteries in your wrist, ...