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Small Claims Directory - CT Judicial Branch

This is the official Small Claims Office Directory for the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch containing the phone number ... Court Service Centers Courts more ... 80 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106 ... Small Claims Area at Bridgeport

How Small Claims Court Works JDP-CV-45 - Connecticut Judicial ...

the small claims process on-line at or at .... The “Small Claims Court” is a part of Connecticut's court system where ...... Bridgeport, CT 06604.

Small Claims Frequently Asked Questions - CT Judicial Branch

What if the defendant resides out of the state of Connecticut? ... The "Small Claims Court" is a part of Connecticut's court system where a person can sue for  ...

Directions for Small Claims Matters - Connecticut Judicial Branch

Small claims matters may be filed at the Centralized Small Claims Office at 80 ... the small claims case shall be brought to a Superior Court facility designated by ...

Small Claims Court | – Connecticut Legal Information

Read this article to find out about Small Claims Court in Connecticut. This easy guide was written for someone who is not a lawyer.

Small Claims Court Forms - Connecticut Judicial Branch

Small Claims Court Forms. These forms are Acrobat® fillable PDF forms. View instructions for fillable forms and links to download all small claims court forms.

Booklet - Small Claims - Forms

based upon the Connecticut General Statutes and Superior Court ... line at www. or at any small claims clerk's office. ...... Bridgeport, CT 06604.

CONNECTICUT Small Claims Courts - Addresses and Information

Find the Connecticut small claims court nearby where you can file your Auto Accidents, Small ... Small Claims Court-Bridgeport 172 Golden Hill St Bridgeport, CT ...

Connecticut Small Claims Guidance -

Whether the issue is debt a customer owes or a landlord withholding a security deposit, many states have established small claims courts that allow individuals ...

JP 3-1 Small Claims Procedures & How to Start the Suit

Small Claims Courts are courts in which parties can settle small money disputes in a speedy, informal setting. To ensure that ...

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A: Basics If you are the plaintiff, then you initiate the lawsuit. The defendant is the person or company that you sue. The complaint is the document that begins t... Read More »
Q: What is small claims court?
A: Small claims court is an informal court where individuals and businesses can resolve disputes in an inexpensive and quick manor. The paperwork is simple, and mo... Read More »
Q: What are small claims courts?
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