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Little owl

The little owl (Athene noctua) is a bird that inhabits much of the temperate and warmer parts of Europe, Asia east to Korea, and north Africa. It was also ...

18 owl species with irresistible faces | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Feb 18, 2014 ... With their huge eyes and abundant feathers, owls just have a look that ... It preys on small mammals that are active at night, though it can take ...

Northern Saw-whet Owl, Identification, All About Birds - Cornell Lab ...

A tiny owl with a catlike face, oversized head, and bright yellow eyes, the Northern Saw-whet Owl is practically bursting with attitude. Where mice and other small ...

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Owls. Spotted Owl. Strix occidentalis. SPOOWL_1.songnum1_UTkc.mp3 · SPOOWL_2.songnum2_CAkc.mp3 · Northern Saw-whet Owl. Aegolius acadicus.
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Northern Pygmy-Owl | Audubon Field Guide

In western forests, this little owl is often active by day. It may fly fast and low from one tree to the next and then swoop up to take a high perch, rather like a shrike. Owls&v=A-XKhLwvd2A
Nov 11, 2013 ... The Little Owl (Athene noctua) is a bird which is resident in much of the temperate and warmer parts of Europe, Asia east to Korea, and north ...

Birds of North America: OWLS - Birds of The World

Owls are solitary and nocturnal. They hunt mostly small mammals, insects, and other birds though a few species specialize in hunting fish. Most hunt for prey ...

Little Owl - Athene noctua - Information, Pictures, Sounds

Aug 9, 2013 ... The Little Owl is a small owl with relatively long legs, short tail, and a rather flat head with no ear-tufts...

Owl ID Guide

Has descriptions, with markings and pictures for about 19 owls, from the non- profit Owl Research Institute in Montana.

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