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Ventifact forms when: a. wind borne particles abrade surface of a rock. ... a. deflation hollows or blowouts: shallow depressions resulting from differential ... dry surface with little vegetation, constant wind direction, limited supply of sand; small-max .... Marine air forced upwards by mountain range, forms clouds that produce.

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Sep 9, 2009 ... Seasonal variations on Venus are negligible because of its small ... Trade-wind deserts are sometimes referred to as low-latitude deserts. .... Desert lakes (playas ) are generally shallow, temporary, and salty. ... A blowout, which is a deflation basin, is a hollow formed by the removal of particles by wind.

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Nov 1, 2011 ... Wind blowing over the solid surface of the lands is also an active ... of the ground, because it is only able to move small dry particles. ... The rate of deflation depends on the force of the wind, the nature of the rock and ... Deflation sometimes leads to the formation of depression or hollows on the land surface.

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Mechanical weathering-rocks break down into smaller pieces by physical ... rock; Ice, plants, animals, gravity, running water, wind; Physical changes may ... Produced naturally by certain living organisms; Lichens and mosses ... Deflation- wind removes top layer of fine, very dry soil or rock particles and ... Deflation Hollows.

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[1] Wind-related features observed by the rover Spirit in Gusev crater, Mars, include patches of soil on ... materials lowered onto other rocks by deflation of supporting soils. .... includes a shallow moat-like area at the base of the hills, ..... Pancam views: (a) across a small ''hollow'' toward CMS (southeast) imaged...

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Sep 30, 1977 ... Wind tails are elongated in southerly directions. Small deflation hollows produced by wind erosion are common on the north- ern sides of rocks. ... eroded the surface, dislodged small rocks, produced fillets of debris on the sides of ..... from the retroengines, shallow craters beneath individual en-. TABLE 3.

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The wind in Kuwait is an active agent of the erosion of rock and soil ... Deflation hollows constitute shallow depressions that are carved out in both ... of quartz grains with smaller amounts of feldspars, fragments of volcanic rocks, calcrete and ...

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In Australia and South Africa small playas are generally referred to as pans. ... Wind deflation can produce shallow basins with downwind dunes, as in ...

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Abrasion notch An elongated cliff-base hollow (typically 1-2 m high and up to 3m recessed) cut out by .... broad shallow channels, and comparable to a sand dune. ... arid areas with wind erosion, creates a tunnel through a slab of rock. ... Avalanche tarn Small water-filled depression produced by repeated avalanche impacts.

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alluvial fan – A low, outspread mass of loose materials and/or rock material, commonly ... (b) (not preferred) A general term for a small flood plain bordering a river, .... flank of a volcano or along the surface of the ground; produced by the explosive ...... deflation basin – A topographic basin excavated and maintained by wind ...

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aeolus: Greek god of the wind; aeolians: a Greek tribe; aeolian harp: produces ... with smaller particle sizes grains tend to cohere when wet and resist erosion; larger ... deflation hollow (blowout). shallow depression produced by deflation ... impact of entrained sand grains against rock surfaces and other grains; yardangs .

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fluvial; a steep, isolated mountain/hill of resistant rock (granite) that rises out of a plain; means ... aeolian; a deep, bowl-like depression in the desert produced by deflation; may fill up during rainstorms to form a shallow lake/pond; ... the crescent project downward; forms over a small obstruction; winds constant, few changes; ...



water, wind, glaciers, waves perform erosion. It is already known .... of rock fragments. Once a small and shallow .... rocks. Any limestone or dolomitic region showing typical landforms produced by the action of ..... Deflation Hollows and Caves.

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(1) Produces lower rate of weathering and angular particles of rock. ... h) Wind: Their landforms are NOT produced largely by wind action. i) Basins ... a) Smaller ones nearly always product of permanent spring or exotic streams from nearby mountains. ... (1) Blowout deflation hollow a shallow depression from which an ...