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Three Perfect Shark Additions to Your Aquarium. Sharks. They really are the ... If you want one as a pet, the best small species of the wobbegong (go on, say it ...

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There is no such thing as an extremely small shark species. There are, however, smaller shark species within the range of adult shark sizes. The truest small ...

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Dec 10, 2014 ... Here are some of the most popular freshwater aquarium sharks suitable ... aggressive, they will get along with many different types of small fish.

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Apr 28, 2013 ... The sharks that you'll find for freshwater tanks are not true sharks. ... So you can keep them in a small aquarium, maybe 30 to 50 gallons in size.

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It is important to know when you choose to keep a freshwater shark fish they can be a threat to other fish companions, especially if there are small fish in the tank.

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Some freshwater aquarium sharks include the redtail, rainbow and Bala sharks. Redtail sharks require a minimum tank size of 50 gallons and a moderate level ...

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We supply Sandtiger sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Bonnethead sharks, Bull ... in the past have tried to buy bonnethead pups to go into small glass aquariums.

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Another trait that lends to their "great aquarium shark" status is their relatively small maximum length. For example, the epaulette shark ( H. ocellatum ) hatches at ...

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Description:These Marbled Cat Sharks have been lovingly hatched and raised in our tanks. We hand feed them small pieces of fresh squid, shrimp, and other ...

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Smaller aquarium sharks like the cat sharks are very popular. They can be purchased very small or even in egg sacks that will hatch sometimes within a month.

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Jun 17, 2014 ... Freshwater sharks do exist, but none of them are small enough to fit in a home aquarium. Here are the closest fish you'll get in appearance.

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Jan 4, 2013 ... But not all types of sharks can be kept in fish tanks. ... sharks. They are small and peaceful fish but your tank needs to have hiding spaces. Array ...

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Freshwater Sharks add personality and character to an aquarium. ... Feed small amounts two to three times daily, no more than fish will eat in 3-5 minutes.