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Do people like large screen size smartphones? - Quora


I don't think it has anything to do with fashion or being old or new fashioned. Personally I prefer ... The reason behind this is more screen real estate translates into easier consumption of media and more ... They are big enough to use like a tablet, but still small enough to carry around with you everywhere like your phone .

Size Matters: How Much Phone Is Too Much? - TechnoBuffalo


Aug 20, 2011 ... Industry is pushing for bigger and bigger phones, but how much is too much? ... the bezels on smartphones so they can get maximum screen real estate on ... In my opinion my Droidx's 4.3" screen just isn't enough for all of my ...

Phone resolution doesn't matter – here's why | TechRadar


Mar 20, 2015 ... Phone screens are getting bigger and so are resolutions. ... It's often assumed that the higher the resolution we pack onto our smartphone screens, the better ... Those of us lucky enough to have the most powerful flagship phones ... all these extra pixels without getting the benefits of more screen real estate.

The advantages of carrying an oversized smartphone | Pocketnow


Dec 13, 2013 ... Yes, that's a fancier way of saying, “It has a bigger display.” ... The extra real estate is helpful in other ways, too – ways which may not always ... The speakers weren't loud enough, the display was too small, and it just wasn't a ...

The Best Smartphone For Every Need - Gizmodo


Jul 22, 2016 ... The bigger Edge device also means a bigger battery and I saw ... that takes advantage of that huge screen real estate, and the Note 5 is the best yet. ... It's uncertain if these three phones will be enough to spark a whole new ...

Want More Display Real Estate? - GSM Nation - Try the New Pinch ...


Nov 2, 2012 ... As smartphones and tablets get smarter, screens get bigger. You can get 7-inch phablets ... But can a screen ever be big enough? Researchers at the ... them together. And voila. You've got more screen real estate to enjoy.

Large Screen vs Compact Device: Bendable Phones Could Be the ...


Bendability would be a new trait in smartphones — improvements in recent years have ... phone, but “there is a time when you want the additional screen real estate of a tablet,” Cromer said. ... People said they wanted the smartphone to have a large enough display, and they weren't keen on a bigger version of the foldable ...

Is your computer screen big enough? – A Life of Productivity


Feb 1, 2016 ... But I have noticed that the extra real estate has made me more efficient ... how much screen real estate you have—whether by buying a bigger monitor ... like living in total isolation for 10 days, only using my smartphone for an ...

4.7- or 5.5-inch -- Which iPhone 6 Should You Buy? | Huffington Post


Aug 22, 2014 ... Moving from a 4-inch iPhone to a 4.7-inch seems like a big enough jump ... funny happened during this “is a 5.5-inch smartphone too big” experiment. ... G3's more generous screen real estate keeps e-book reading a more ...

5 ways the smartphone is conquering the tablet | PCWorld


Feb 26, 2015 ... Smartphone screen size - figure by the author ... apps, each designed to take advantage of the device's bigger screen size. ... With a smartphone, you're simply getting far more juice per inch of screen real estate—and it's not close. ... responsive displays, smart enough to make use of the tablet's uniq...

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A large smartphone also makes a great small tablet | Android Central


Oct 6, 2014 ... The 6-inch screen is still smaller than an eReader or an actual book, but it's by far .... to have more screen real estate to get stuff done, and function better in portrait mode. Then of course, once you get large enough: I feel it should go back to 16:9, ... Don't get me wrong, it's big but I love the 6.4 i...

What is the perfect smartphone display size for you? - Phone Arena


May 27, 2011 ... Sure, having the additional real estate has its advantages. ... and 3.99 inches – Small enough to use with ease, yet big enough to read fine text.

2014 Phablet Comparison Guide - Gizmag


Jul 18, 2014 ... Once a phone gets this big, plastic's lighter weight and less rigid build can ... home and recent apps) sacrifice a little bit of screen real estate to make room for ... It has the best smartphone (or phablet) display I've ever seen. ... But if those internal storage totals aren't enough for you, then you ca...