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Nov 10, 2015 ... It's natural for a dog to chew and dig, but with the help of their sense of smell you can train them to stay away from things you don't want them ...


Because of this, most dogs will avoid anything that smells like a chili pepper. ... Mothballs don't really smell good to anyone, but dogs especially hate the scent.


With this said, there are a few things that dogs definitely don't like the smell of and if used intelligently and kindly, will stop a dog from messing things up when ...

May 21, 2017 ... Five Smells That Dogs Don't Like , Smells Dogs Hate. Smells and the tolerance to each can be an individual thing for every dog. Finding smells ...


Dec 9, 2016 ... Here are some common scents that dogs tend to dislike. ... It may seem like dogs love just about everything with a scent—they certainly ... and fragile possessions( or, really, anything you don't want your dog chowing down on).


Aug 25, 2015 ... However, his tendency to chase smells outdoors, trample plant beds and ... Dogs don't like them, but if you do use mothballs, make sure they're ...


Mar 23, 2017 ... Baking soda will neutralize the smell of dog urine, which should both make your nose happy and .... The dogs don't like the taste/smell of them.


Purely anecdotal, but my dog doesn't like the smell of his own farts. For the record , I don't either. He'll leave the room sniffing, leaving me in a ...


Jul 25, 2014 ... It's probably safe to say that dogs appreciate the smell of a tree trunk the ... Just as you don't like your dog pulling you around, it doesn't feel ...


Dogs generally dislike the smell of citrus. That's why you can often find citrus in many ... My dogs don't like artificial scents like air freshener, or fabric softener.