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The U.S. Army adopted the .44 S&W American caliber Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolver in 1870, ... Smith & Wesson instead developed their own, slightly shorter .45 caliber round, the .45 Schofield, otherwise known as the .45 S&W. ... along with the original Smith & Wesson serial number ...


The serial number is the same as the caliber of the gun. This is ... Bottom of butt marked U.S. ARMY MODEL 1917 with serial No. 45. There is ...


May 25, 2010 ... This series began with serial number 1, and by the end of the war 163,476 ... and most guns were shipped to Springfield Armory or army depots. ... Gun: Smith & Wesson .45 Hand Ejector Model of 1917. Caliber: .45 ACP


Armed Forces History, Division of History of Technology, National Museum of American History ... Smith & Wesson First Model Schoefield revolver, .45 caliber.


Smith & Wesson No. 2 Army .32 Rimfire caliber revolver. Action works perfectly. Bore has good rifling and even corrosion. Gun has approximately 75% original ...