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Calculation of the zero-temperature Auger recombination rate in the ...


The room-temperature lifetime against this Auger recombination at electron and hole .... C Smith et al 1983 Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 16 L171.

Overlap integrals for Auger recombination in direct gap III-V ...


Overlap integrals for Auger recombination in direct gap III-V semiconductors: calculations for conduction and heavy hole band ... Beattie A R and Smith G 1967 Phys. ... Hak Kee Jung et al 1995 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 34 3054.

Auger emission from solids: the estimation of backscattering effects ...


Quantitative correction of backscattering in Auger electron spectroscopy of thin films ... Kelley, M. J. and Ponec, V. 1981 Progress in Surface Science 11 139 ... D M Smith et al 1974 Journal of Physics B: Atomic and Molecular Physics 7 1255.

Smith v. Circle P Ranch Co. (1978) :: :: California Court of Appeal ...


Smith v. Circle P Ranch Co. (1978) - 87 Cal. App. 3d 267. ... CIRCLE P RANCH COMPANY, INC. et al., Defendants and Appellants. ... In the granary at Carrizo Ranch an auger was installed which was used to grind and move grain into a grain ...

Overlap integrals for Auger recombination in direct-bandgap ...


Brand S, Burt M G, Smith C and Abram R A 1985 Proc. 17th Int. ... Heine V 1970 Solid State Physics vol 24 ed H Ehrenreich, F Seitz and D Turnbull (New York: Academic) p 1 ... A. Stano et al 1999 IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 35 1697.

Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays, Spiral galaxies and Magnetars


Aug 17, 2008 ... 2000), and especially the. Pierre Auger Southern Observatory (Abraham et al. ... Staveley–Smith et al. 1996), which is ... The available Auger list of UHECR events (Abraham et al. ..... Milgrom M. & Usov V., 1996, ApJ, 449, L37.

The Sloan Lens ACS Survey. VIII. The relation between environment ...


Oct 6, 2008 ... 2005; Smith et al. 2005 .... is given in papers I and V of this series (Bolton et al. 2006 ..... reported by Auger (2008) who studied the initial SLACS.

Dysfunctional mitochondrial bioenergetics and the pathogenesis of ...


Jun 25, 2015 ... The electron transport chain (ETC), consisting of complexes I–V, couples .... subunits (E2) of KGDH and PDH (Ambrus et al., 2009; Auger et al., 2011). ..... Bak M. I., Ingwall J. S., Arstall M. A., Smith T. W., Balligand J. L., et al.

KCNQ2 Is a Nodal K+ Channel | Journal of Neuroscience


Feb 4, 2004 ... KCNQ2 is colocalized with Nav channels at nodes of Ranvier (C), whereas KCNQ3 .... 3C), a marker of nodal astrocytic processes (ffrench-Constant et al., 1986; ..... variants (Cooper et al., 2001; Pan et al., 2001; Smith et al., 2001), we cannot ... aspect of motor axons (Auger et al., 1984; Dedek et al., 2001).

Smith-Magenis syndrome: a new contiguous gene syndrome ... - NCBI


A Moncla, M 0 Livet, M Auger, J F Mattei, M G Mattei, F Giraud. Abstract. Interstitial ... syndromes. Smith et al,' in 1982, first described an interstitial deletion in the ...