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Smoke Pipe Shop offers a large variety of smoking products. Choose from high quality glass bows, one-hitters, metal pipes and smoking accessories.

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Hidden Pipe bowl Macrame Bracelet- Sneak a toke- Organic Hemp with Hand ... Replacement rubber mouthpiece (package of 5) to fit Sneak-A-Toke pipe made ...

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420 Headshop Buy sneak a tokes, proto pipe, zeplin pipes, metal pipes, weed pipes, hand pipes, pot pipes, chamber pipes and proto pipes for sale.

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Quality metal marijuana and tobacco pipes. ... TX67.png · Raydiator Titanium Double Glass Pipe. Can$109.95 .... Cherry Wood Sneak-A-Toke Nickel Anodized .

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Products 1 - 12 of 12 ... History of Sneak a Toke The Take-A-Smoke Tobacco Conservation Pipe began in 1976 as the "Sneak-A-Toke". It provided a means to take ...

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The Sneak A Toke Pipe is our flagship product and what started our company. It's ingenious design was developed as a stealth smoking option. a Toke Pipes&v=2lQo3wRco14
Aug 3, 2013 ... If you Use any herb, sneak a toke Vaporizing is one of the safest ways to enjoy your Herbs. It does not smell as much as using bongs, pipes or ... a Toke Pipes&v=T5ZbrAWBDik
Nov 9, 2011 ... For Sale at Sneak-A-Toke-One-Hitter.

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My boyfriend bought me a sneak a toke today, because he loves me. Remember ... It is usually disguised as something other than a pipe, such as a baseball bat.

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Nov 29, 2009 ... I've been considering buying one of those little metal, bullet-shaped pipes with the rubber mouthpieces and screw-on caps to conserve smoke, ...

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Q: How much is a sneak a toke pipe going to cost
A: Sneak a tokes with rubber mouthpiece costs approximately $7.50. Cha... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: Can i clean my sneak a toke pipe?
A: I'm not sure what a "sneak a toke pipe" is, please explain or rephrase this so I may... Read More »
Q: How do i clean a sneak-a-toke?
A: You could clean your lungs by never using it again. Read More »
Q: How to sneak a pipe into a concert?
A: Thats just stupid. Drugs are wrong, and you'll get caught and thrown out anyway- why waste the money you paid for the ticket? Read More »
Q: Can I buy helix pipes at the smoke n toke shop?
A: Sorry, no information was published if "Smoke'n Toke" is selling helix pipes. Please call (713) 461-1181 for more info. Read More »