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2014–15 North American winter


The 2014–15 North American winter refers to winter in North America as it occurred across the ... Temperatures in much of the United States dropped 15 to 35 °F (8.3 to 19 °C) below a...

Top 25 Snowiest Cities in America – Niche Blog


Aug 25, 2016 ... Niche compiled a list of the top 50 snowiest cities in the contiguous United States —those boasting the most snowfall during the winter months.

Snowiest Places in United States - Current Results


Record-setting snowfalls, and places in the US that get the deepest snows every year.

Current Top 25 Snowiest US Cities | Golden Snow Globe National ...


This is where the Top Twenty Five Snowiest US Cities leading so far in the new ... US States and Cities. 2010 City Population. 2016 – 2017. Snowfall Totals.

Top 10 snowiest major cities around the world - AccuWeather


United States Weather · New York, NY Local Weather .... The top 10 snowiest cities in the world were selected based on populations totaling more than 100,000 ...

Top 10 snowiest U.S. cities this winter - The Washington Post


Mar 23, 2015 ... [Boston clinches snowiest season on record]. Here we look at the snowiest, non- mountain cities in the United States where snow is well-tracked ...

America's Snowiest Cities - pg. 1 Forbes


Cleveland and Minneapolis lead a list of big cities with the tallest drifts. To compile our list of most snow-packed metros, we looked at NOAA's average- snowfall ...

The 9 Snowiest Places on Earth - Live Science


Feb 7, 2011 ... Snow: love it or hate it, this winter there's been an awful lot of it. The United States has gotten blasted with blizzards this winter at one point in ...

The snowiest place in America this year is a tiny town in Upstate ...


Mar 7, 2015 ... That's more than any other spot in the United States as of Friday, including the Rockies and Alaska, according to data from the National ...

US snow totals for winter: Who has the most snow? (Search any state)


Mar 7, 2015 ... (Search any state). snowiest place in ameri_2.JPG. Heavy snow covers a roof near the village of Copenhagen in New York's Tug Hill region.

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The Snowiest Place in Each State | The Weather Channel


Nov 2, 2015 ... Average annual snowfall for the snowiest places in each of the six New England states, based on NOAA data from July 1, 1985, through June ...

America's snowiest places? Weather.com lists them - U.S. News


Dec 13, 2011 ... Statistically speaking, which locations really are America's snowiest cities ... states, Valdez gets more snow than any place in the rest of the U.S..

5 Snowiest Places in the U.S. - Farmers' Almanac


Nov 30, 2015 ... Even though Valdez is one of America's snowiest towns, it isn't the snowiest place in the United States. Drive 30 minutes east of Valdez to ...