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Social Security retirement pay benefits can only be garnished to collect money owed to the federal government or to collect money owed for court-ordered child support or alimony. S...

Garnishment of Social Security Benefits
Social Security benefits are typically not subject to garnishments. But in certain cases, garnishment of benefits can occur.... More »
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Can a debt collector take my Social Security or VA benefits ...

Jun 16, 2015 ... This is called a garnishment. Banks must automatically protect Social Security and VA benefits from garnishment if they are direct deposited ...

Can Social Security Be Garnished? |

If you wonder, can Social Security be garnished, the answer is that most ... Banks and other financial creditors can't touch your Social Security benefits, but when ...
At this rate of decline there will not be enough workers to pay scheduled benefits at current tax rates. A: There are no plans to cut benefits for current retirees, and the Social Security Administration {SSA} says that Social Security benefits will continue to be incr... More »
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Protections for Social Security Funds in Bank Accounts |

Judgment creditors can garnish or levy funds in your bank account in order to collect on their ... New Protections for Direct Deposit of Social Security Benefits.

Can my Social Security benefits be garnished for alimony, child ...

We can withhold Social Security benefits to enforce your legal obligation to pay child support, alimony or restitution. State laws determine a valid garnishment ...

SSR 79-4: SECTIONS 207, 452(b), 459 and 462(f) - Social Security

Generally, Social Security benefits are exempt from execution, levy, attachment, garnishment, or other legal process, or from the operation of any bankruptcy or ...

Can a Bill Collector Garnish My Social Security Disability or SSI ...

No, generally, a bill collector cannot garnish your Social Security disability benefits -- neither SSDI (disability insurance) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

Can Social Security Benefits be Garnished? | Garnishment Laws

The implementation of garnishment by the US federal government pertaining to social security benefits.

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Q: Can social security benefits be garnished.
A: No. This answer is provided for informational purposes only. Actual legal advice can only be provided in an office consultation by an attorney licensed in your ... Read More »
Q: Can your social security benefits be garnished?
A: Yes, but only for taxes owed to the I.R.S. or child support. Read More »
Q: Can my social security benefits be garnished?
A: You should track down the underlying court case and see what happened. Sounds like someone took a judgment. Look at the process server's affidavit re service - ... Read More »
Q: Can Social Security Benefits Be Garnished for a Defaulted Car Loa...
A: Under the Social Security program, individuals who are elderly or incapacitated receive regular payments from the federal government. These payments are designe... Read More »
Q: Can social security benefits be garnished for state or federal ta...
A: Yes for Federal tax but not for State tax. From the SSA web site; Social Security will garnish benefits: To enforce child support or alimony obligations under 4... Read More »