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Benefit estimates depend on your date of birth and on your earnings history. For security, the "Quick Calculator" does not access your earnings record; instead, ...


This Social Security planner page lists calculators you can use to figure your retirement and disability benefits and benefits for your survivors.


We can't provide your actual benefit amount until you apply for benefits. ... survivors or disability benefit estimate, please use one of our other benefit Calculators.


The Social Security benefits formula is designed so that it replaces a larger proportion of low wage earners' lifetime income.


The calculator shown below allows you to estimate your Social Security benefit. However, for the most accurate estimates, use the Detailed Calculator or the ...


Bankrate.com provides a FREE social security estimator and other benefits calculators to help consumers estimate how much to expect from Social Security  ...


Other calculators, including AARP's calculator (www.aarp.org/work/social- security/social-security-benefits-calculator), offer additional options, such as clarifying ...


Understanding your Social Security benefit is an important part of retirement planning. Use this guide to determine your benefits and understand other issues  ...


Use the Social Security calculator to estimate your pre-retirement earnings and when you can collect benefits to maintain your standard of living.