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How do you soften hardened leather? | Reference.com


New and old leather can become hard from an array of circumstances. Softening leather helps to preserve and better care for the leather over time. Leather can ...

How do I soften leather? | Reference.com


Accelerate the softening process by applying oils, jellies and other agents to the leather.... ... Soften leather by rubbing baby oil into the hard surface.

How To Soften Old Stiff Leather? - Colt Forum


Doing some repairs using old period looking stiff leather. I need to bend it 180 degrees. What is a good way to soften it to avoid cracking as ...

How to Soften a Stiff Leather Car Seat - CarsDirect


Feb 27, 2012 ... Stiff leather car seats left in the heat can become brittle and crack over time. Fortunately, softening a stiff leather car seat is easy to…

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Aug 28, 2010 ... Cleaning, softening and leather care of old car seats. Leather hardens with the time and need a special and careful treatment.

Hard Leather seats - Autopia


My buddy has a 79 Mustang with leather seats. The seats turned hard and he wants to soften them up. Any sugestions? I told him to try ...

How Can I Soften Leather Saddlebags? | eHow


Leather looks good on the bike and provides a durable material to pack gear for ... Saddlebags that start out or become too stiff need to be conditioned and to be ...

How to Repair or Reshape Your Motorcycle Saddlebags: 8 Steps


Optional Step. Grind off the buckles from inside the bag and pull the buckles away from the bag.This will allow the stiffener to lie flatter against the leather.

Saddlebags Again [Archive] - AMCA Forum


I've read the previous posts about restoring saddlebags and notice that most ... Mine are almost as stiff as cardboard now and look as though they ... (They are out of shape worse than the leather is bad.) ... them in a tub of mineral or baby oil that they would loosen up some. .... Great picture and great bike.