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Downhill creep


Downhill creep, also known as soil creep or commonly just creep, is the slow downward progression of rock and soil down a low grade slope; it can also refer to ...

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Soil creep - Click to enlarge Soil creep is a very, very slow form of mass wasting. It's just a slow adjustment of soil and rocks that is so hard to notice unless you ...

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Creep. Creep is a very slow mass movement that goes on for years or even centuries. You can't see creep ... Terracettes are built by soil creep. The process is ...

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Soil creep definition, creep of soil on even slopes; often accelerated by spring freeze-and-thaw or general periglacial conditions. See more.

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Define soil creep. soil creep synonyms, soil creep pronunciation, soil creep translation, English dictionary definition of soil creep. n the gradual downhill ...

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Define soil creep: slow down-slope movement of earth materials under the influence of gravitation—soil creep in a sentence.

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The slow, often imperceptible downslope movement of soil or other debris is called creep. Because creep moves materials so slowly, it is difficult to discern ...

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extent within the soil cover by the slow creep of soil particles. Soil creep ... soil creep. Soil creep-so gradual as to be imperceptible-appears to be the result of the.

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Creep and earthflow, generally induce lesser amounts of damage, although ... Creep is the imperceptibly slow, downslope movement of soil and earth materials .

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Dec 2, 2010 ... Ice crystals picking up soil particles on Prospect Mt in the Adirondacks.
soil creep
creep of soil on even slopes; often accelerated by spring freeze-and-thaw or general periglacial conditions.
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