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Solubility rules! Guidelines for chemical compound solubility


Solubility Rules! A basic knowledge of which compounds are soluble in aqueous solutions is essential for predicting whether a given reaction might involve ...

Solubility Rules


Salts containing Group I elements are soluble (Li<sup>+</sup>, Na<sup>+</sup>, K<sup>+</sup>, Cs<sup>+</sup>, Rb<sup>+</sup>). Exceptions to this rule are rare. Salts containing the ammonium ion (NH4<sup>+</sup>) are also ...

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Jul 27, 2012 ... Annoyed by all those kids sagging their pants? Well, here's a good way to put that distrubance to use. (It shall help you with your solubility ...

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SolubilityRules Made Easy. Having trouble memorizing your solubility rules? This is the hand out for you. These are two different ways that will help and make ...

This is a list of the solubility rules for ionic solids in water. Two forces determine the extent to which solution will occur: This force tends to bring ions into solution. When it is a major factor, then water solubility may be very low. More »
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Na<sup>+</sup>, K<sup>+</sup>, Mg<sup>2+</sup>, Ca<sup>2+</sup>, Sr<sup>2+</sup>, Ba<sup>2+</sup>, Mn<sup>2+</sup>, Fe<sup>2+</sup>, Co<sup>2+</sup>, Ni<sup>2+</sup>, Cu<sup>2+</sup>, Ag<sup>+</sup>, Zn<sup>2+</sup>, Cd<sup>2+</sup>, Hg2<sup>2+</sup>, Al<sup>3+</sup>, Sn<sup>4+</sup>, Pb<sup>2+</sup>, NH4<sup>+</sup>. NO3<sup>–</sup>. ClO3<sup>–</sup>. ClO4<sup>–</sup>. C2H3O2<sup>–</sup>. Cl<sup>–</sup>.



There are a number of patterns in the data obtained from measuring the solubility of different salts. These patterns form the basis ...

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*Theme/Title: Solubility Rules. * Description/Instructions. There are rules that determine whether a compound is soluble or not. They are as follows: 1.

Solubility Rules

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The solubility of ionic compounds in aqueous solutions is wide and varied. Some compounds are highly soluble (e.g. NaCl), some compounds are moderately ...

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Jun 25, 2014 ... In order to predict whether a precipitate will form in a reaction, the solubility of the substances involved must be known. There are rules or ...

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Q: How to Memorize Solubility Rules.
A: If you're taking a beginning course in chemistry, you may be required to memorize some or all of the important solubility rules. These rules will help you predi... Read More »
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Q: What are the 7 solubility rules?
A: Rule 1. All compounds of Group IA elements (the alkali metals) are. soluble. For example, NaNO. 3. KCl, and LiOH are all soluble compounds. This means that an a... Read More »
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Q: What are the solubility rules for fluorides?
A: Compounds containing fluorides are soluble except for fluorides of of Read More »
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Q: What are the general solubility rules.
A: All alkali metal and ammonium compounds All acetate, perchlorate, chlorate, and Read More »
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Q: What are the solubility rules in chemistry?
A: Here is my list: http://www.chemteam.info/Equations/Solub…. There are others. Typing in a compound? Haven't come across one. Read More »
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