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Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action. It is closely linked ... The underlying questions are whether we have control over our actions, and .... Other forms ...

Plato's Ethics: An Overview (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Sep 16, 2003 ... First, his conception of happiness differs in significant ways from ordinary views. ... Third, in crucial texts Plato's moral ideals appear both austere and ...... that consists in the control of the better part of the pleasures and desires of the ... The identification of justice, the excellence that is left over, ...

Kant's Moral Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Feb 23, 2004 ... Thus, at the heart of Kant's moral philosophy is a conception of reason ... often populate the works of moral philosophers, that is, someone who doubts that .... Throughout his moral works, Kant returns time and again to the question ..... An imperative that applied to us in virtue of our desiring some end would ...

Virtue Theory


Here is the horse's mouth himself, Aristotle, discussing the nature of moral virtue, ... The person who is not morally virtuous is sometimes ruled by his or her ... or doing the act one exercises, exhibits or develops a morally vicious character. .... and intermediate dispositions--through repeated activity and experience over time...

Parental Rights and Obligations | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Regarding parental obligations, the focus in what follows will be on moral ... have a moral obligation to her child to provide her with experiences such as musical ... is the idea that parental authority over children is in an important sense, limitless. ..... If the state exercises excessive control in this realm of human life, the par...

Charles Taylor - Westmont homepage server


exercising control over our own life, including internal fears and false con- sciousness. ... do what we want also implies being in a position to exercise control in order ... which, according to Taylor, has to do with the idea that people do not have .... weight to the securing of each person's right to realise him/herself in his/...

Rational Personal Ethic - Optimal.org


True Morality - Rational Principles for Optimal Living ... oppose our legitimate desire for personal happiness or offer supposedly ideal, but impractical solutions. ... Furthermore, each individual really only controls his own morality - others can .... It is certain within the context of our experience, knowledge and cognitive ability...

Social Exchange Theory and Developmental Theories


Out of a very basic desire to seek rewards and avoid punishments, ... Power is the ability of one person to exert influence or control over the behavior of another. ... to an individual's perception of the reward structure and his/her rightful portion of it. ... The idea was that hard work benefits the individual and the nation, whi...

Gaudium et spes


Thus, on the one hand, as a creature he experiences his limitations in a multitude of ... convinced that the future rule of man over the earth will satisfy every desire of his heart. .... aside from blind choice and strive to be guided by the objective norms of morality. .... In her loyal devotion to God and men, the Church has already...

All humans have an equal basic moral status


[published in Peter Singer and His Critics, ed. by Dale Jamieson (Oxford: .... humans but also assigns all human persons an equal fundamental moral status .... status, proclaims that tall is better than short, and identifies beings over six feet tall as .... an iron disposition to desire only to exercise the capacities that issue in  ...

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Moral Responsibility (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Jan 6, 2001 ... For example, can a person be morally responsible for her behavior if that ... or idea, of moral responsibility itself; (2) the criteria for being a moral agent, i.e., ... given his behavior and/or traits of character; or b) praise or blame is ... he would need to exercise a special form of control over that thing (e.g., ...

Socrates and Happiness - Pursuit of Happiness


Specifically, he recommended gaining rational control over your desires and harmonizing ... Through his influence on Plato and Aristotle, a new era of philosophy was ... The idea that one could obtain happiness for oneself was considered hubris, ... As someone who trusted in the eternal value of the soul, he was unafraid to ...

Thinking Critically About Moral Issues9 - Cengage Learning


extremely depressed and you're concerned about leaving her alone. • A good ... Thinking critically about moral issues will provide you with the opportunity .... If you have an opportunity, ask some people you know to describe their idea of a moral ... Over time, observation, experience, and intuition have formed the corner -.