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Piracy was a phenomenon that was not limited to the Caribbean region. Golden Age pirates .... Drake raided Spanish settlements and shipping in the South Sea shores of present-day Peru, Chile, Brazil, and ..... The ratio of displacement to sail capacity was high on small ships, meaning it was easier to bring the boat up to ...


Call the police and call your bank immediately. Ask them what you need to do to prevent problems and do everything they say, and make notes of the date and ...


The definition of a pirate is someone who steals, particularly at sea. ... a person who practices piracy; esp., a robber of ships on the high seas; a ship used by ...


someone who attacks people in public places and steals their money, jewellery, ... someone who steals money and other things from people's pockets and bags,  ...


One who preys on others; a plunderer. n. ... A robber on the high seas; one who by open violence takes the property of another on the ... his business to cruise for robbery or plunder; a freebooter on the seas; also, one who steals in a harbor. n. ... n. someone who uses another person's words or ideas as if they were his own  ...


Nov 13, 2002 ... What can you do if someone steals your article or book idea? ... But, if you sit back and let people violate you, they'll keep stealing from you and others until someone teaches ... Brian Takes His “Home Office” on the High Seas!


It was from someone researching ocean currents. It would have been .... Posted by Ann Marie on Aug 15, 2016 in Crimes on the high sea, Historical true crime | 4 comments ... But what about as a punishment for stealing beer? On an ..... They also drew straws to decide which sailor would sacrifice his life to feed the others.


Nov 17, 2014 ... Stealing On The High Seas ... Ruby had known stealing from Schnee wouldn't be easy. ..... "Oh-ho, someone's demanding now, isn't she?


... drink a ton of whiskey, and tell terrifying stories about life on the high seas. ... is Billy Bones, and he was second in command to someone named Captain Flint.


More words related to thief. burglar. noun. person who steals. cat burglar · crook · filcher · housebreaker · midnighter · owl · picklock · pilferer · porch-climber.