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Sep 11, 2012 ... Thousands of dollars were allegedly stolen from the bank's ATM vault sometime between Friday and Sunday, according to the MCSO.

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Nov 18, 2016 ... Sometime” means “at some point” or “former.” “Some time” means “a period of time.” “Sometimes” means “occasionally.”

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Oct 7, 2015 ... Most often, sometime is one word: He will wash the car sometime.When some is used adjectivally with time to mean a short time, a long time, ...

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Sometime definition, at some indefinite or indeterminate point of time: He will arrive sometime next week. See more.

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Sometimes definition, on some occasions; at times; now and then. See more.

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I sometimes wonder whether I should give up my job and just travel. Sometime means 'at an unknown or undecided time in the future or the past': Why don't you  ...

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Define sometime: at an unspecified time in the future — sometime in a sentence.

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sometime meaning, definition, what is sometime: at a time in the future or the past that is not known or not stated: . Learn more.

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Keep using sometime instead of some time? Check out Ginger's spelling book and make sure you never confuse sometime and some time again!