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i am experiencing a dull pain just under my right arm pit ...


Nov 21, 2014 ... I have just felt under my right armpit and felt pain for the first time, i am ... a heavy weight, such as a suitcase, can cause pain in that area.

Swollen Glands in Neck, Armpits, and More: Causes, Treatments


WebMD explains what can cause swollen glands in the neck, armpit, groin, and more. ... Your throat is sore, your head hurts, and you feel absolutely miserable. ... Other areas where you may be able to feel swollen lymph nodes include:.

Why Do I Have Pain Under Left Armpit? | New Health Advisor


Your armpit is a sensitive area because so many blood vessels and nerves pass through this area. You may experience pain under left armpit or the right one for ...

Armpit Lump: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment - Healthline


Aug 24, 2015 ... Armpit lumps may be caused by cysts, infection, or irritation from shaving. ... in the lump, as well any pain you're experiencing in the area.

Lymphedema Signs & Symptoms | Breastcancer.org


Nov 16, 2015 ... “Even before there is visible swelling, patients often report an ... arm, chest, breast, or underarm areas; feelings of fullness or heaviness in the ...

Underarm Pain - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments - Healthgrades


Learn about Underarm Pain on Healthgrades.com, including information on symptoms, causes and treatments.

What Causes Pain in Your Armpit? | MedGuidance


Pain in armpit can be caused by a wide variety of conditions. ... A great deal of nerves and blood vessels run through this area, and of course, it is close to the ...

Understanding Armpit and Breast Pain - 34 Menopause Symptoms


Do not let breast and armpit pain come and go without knowing the facts behind it . ... Cyclical breast pain, which is characterized by constant pain in one area of ...

5 Natural Remedies to Relieve Armpit and Breast Pain


Armpit and breast pain affect many women going through menopause. Here are several ... and aching. These sensations can also spread to the armpit area.

Armpit Pain | Med-Health.net


The armpit is known medically as the outer axilla surface. This area can become uncomfortable, either experiencing a dull ache similar to a strained muscle or a ...

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Armpit Pain: 17 Causes & 5 Effective Home Remedies - EnkiVillage


There are many possible causes of pain under armpit or in the general underarm area. One example would be lymph node enlargement. In addition, other ...

Breast Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments - Medical News ...


Dec 14, 2015 ... Breast pain commonly affects the upper, outer area of both breasts, ... You feel a lump or swelling in one of your armpits; You feel pain in your ...

9 Causes of Pain Under Right Armpit | New Health Advisor


Do you ever experience pain under the right armpit? Some people feel a pinching or burning sensation, and others feel numbness in the area. There are many ...