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In audio signal processing and acoustics, an echo (plural echoes) is a reflection of sound, ... An echo can be explained as a wave that has been reflected by a ...

Reflection: Echo vs. Reverberation - The Physics Classroom


If you have ever been inside of a large canyon, you have likely observed an echo resulting from the reflection of sound waves off the canyon walls. Suppose you ...

Reflection, Refraction, and Diffraction - The Physics Classroom


This gives the room more pleasing acoustic properties. Reflection of sound waves off of surfaces can lead to one of two phenomena - an echo or a reverberation.

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Nov 9, 2005 ... An echo is the sound you hear when you make a noise and the sound wave reflects off a ... What sort of special effects can echoes cause? ... In the case of a sound wave in air hitting a solid wall, most of the sound is reflected.

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Improve your knowledge on what an echo is and find out more about sound with DK Find ... Making a sound causes waves of vibration to move through the air.

03.04.04: The Physics of Sound: How We Produce Sounds


Mar 4, 2004 ... Sound waves are formed when a vibrating object causes the ... Echoes. When you make waves in the center of a sink you can see the waves ...

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The result is that you hear the echo (the reflected sound wave) of your holler. ... traveled by the sound wave in 1 second is equivalent to the 170 meters down to the canyon wall ... Does the frequency or wavelength of the wave affect its speed ?

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We'll discuss the main factors that affect the speed of sound waves, and we'll try... ... Wave Parameters: Wavelength, Amplitude, Period, Frequency & Speed .... people like to shout when they're standing under a bridge, inside a parking garage, or at the bottom of a canyon. ... But what can echoes tell us about sound wa...

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echo 0.80 s later, how wide is the canyon? at 475 Hz. What frequency do you hear? U 343 the ... A 2280-Hz sound'wave has a wavelength of fd = fs(1-_-Yl) i 0.655 In in an unknown medium. Identify v ... teristics that are affected by the medium.

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Q: Sound waves Echo questions?
A: Hello. The velocity of sound is 343 m/s. And 8 h = 8*60^2 seconds. In this time travels the sound 343*8*60^2 m = 9878400 m = 9878.4 km. And since the sound has ... Read More »
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Q: Sound Wave/Echo Question?
A: Use distance = velocity * time where velocity will be the speed of sound, which I'll leave to you to look up. Keep in mind that the echo traveled to the wall, t... Read More »
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Q: What sound wave is an echo an example of ?
A: A reflected sound wave is known as an echo. * Echoes can be used to determine the distance to a reflecting Read More »
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Q: What kind of waves are sound echoes?
A: Sound echoes are simply reflected sound waves. The are. longitudinal mechanical waves. Read More »
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Q: Does sound waves produces echo due to refraction.
A: no, it;s because of reflected sound. Read More »
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