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Southern bottlenose whale


The southern bottlenose whale (Hyperoodon planifrons) is a species of whale, in the ziphiid family, one of two members of the genus Hyperoodon. Seldom ...

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Learn more about the Southern bottlenose whale - with amazing Southern bottlenose whale photos and facts on ARKive.

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Find out what's known about Southern Bottlenose Whales, Hyperoodon planifrons, Mammalia, Cetacea, Hyperoodontidae, including their world range and ...

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The southern bottlenose whale (aka Antarctic bottlenose whale) can be found living throughout various parts of the southern ocean. The name “bottlenose” ...

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Southern Bottlenose Whales are relatively large beaked whales, reaching a maximum of 7.14 m and 7.8 m for males and females respectively, and maximum  ...

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As with several other varieties of cetaceans, the northern bottlenose whale has a counterpart in the Southern Hemisphere which, but for subtle differences, ...

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Subspecies There are no subspecies of the Southern Bottlenose Whale. Interesting Facts Southern Bottlenose Whales are also known as: Southern ...

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Southern bottlenose whales are a brownish-grey color on the head, back, dorsal fin, flippers, and tail . This color is paler on the belly, throat, and sides. However ...

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Probably circumpolar in the cold temperate waters of the Southern ... studied beaked whales, the life of the southern bottle-nosed whale is virtually unknown.

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Explains everything about southern bottlenose whale, member of the Cetacea order and the Ziphiidae family.

Southern Bottlenose Whale
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea Family: Ziphiidae Genus: Hyperoodon
Species: Hyperoodon planifrons
Hyperoodon planifrons individuals grow to about 8 meters in length. Sexual dimorphism is seen in this species, with the males averaging a length of 7.5 meters and the females averaging only 6.5 meters. Body mass has been estimated... More »
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The southern bottlenose whale is one of the least well-studied species in the family Ziphiidae and forms an anti-tropical species pair with the northern bottlenose ...

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Hyperoodon planifrons Flower, 1882. English: Southern bottlenose whale. German: Südlicher Entenwal Spanish: Zifio calderón austral. French: Hypéroodon ...

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Taxonomic Notes: For many years there was speculation that a species of “ tropical bottlenose whale” that had been repeatedly observed at sea in the ...