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During the British colonization of North America, the Thirteen Colonies provided England with much needed money and resources. However, the culture of the southern and Chesapeake Bay colonies was fa...

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By 1700, the Virginia colonists had made their fortunes through the cultivation of tobacco, setting a pattern that was followed in Maryland and the Carolinas. I.

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Apr 16, 2004 ... What was the Chesapeake like when first European settlers arrived? ... In the late nineteenth century Maryland and Virginia passed numerous ...

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In contrast, Virginia and the New England colonies were essentially .... Culturally, the settlers in the middle colonies thought of themselves as Europeans and tried ... to the northern and middle colonies, the southern and Chesapeake colonies, ...

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... was established in Jamestown in the Chesapeake Bay region by the Virginia Company, ... Half of the settlers in the southern colonies came to America as indentured ... By the third quarter of the seventeenth century, Virginia and Maryland had ... was the second area of North America to be settled by European immigrants.

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The Southern Colonies, including Maryland, the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia were ... Siouan, and Iroquoian linguistic groups inhabited the Chesapeake Bay area. ... Catholics in the New World at the time of the European wars of religion.

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Track Miles: 68. Interchanges: CSX (Portsmouth, Va.); Norfolk Southern ( Chesapeake, Va.) Capacity: 263k. Commodities: Agricultural Products, Stone.

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Throughout Virginia and the greater Chesapeake, the potential cash value of ... As the reputation of colonial tobacco declined, reducing European demand for it, ... In Maryland's slavery-dominated southern counties, "instead of homes or barns  ...

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colonial settlement was faster in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (north of blue ... from a wharf on the Chesapeake Bay to markets in the Caribbean or Europe ... The southern part of the cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Suffolk are not  ...

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Long before the arrival of Europeans, native people traded items between .... Virginia's law even required those paying the bounties to remove the ears or tongue .... Development of Southern Cultures in the Chesapeake, 1680–1800 ( 1986), ...