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The Choctaw are Native American people originally ...... as the territories had a southern tradition of settlement. ... by Native Americans and European Americans over the best ...

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In her doctoral dissertation on Choctaw history at the University of Oklahoma in 1934 ... The Choctaws entered European historical records when the Spaniards of .... from the Choctaws what is today the central section of southern Oklahoma.

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The Choctaw were preeminently the agriculturists of the southern Indians. ... the Choctaw would come to embrace European traders nearly two centuries later. ... the first Native Americans to walk the Trail of Tears to Indian Territory (Oklahoma. ) ...

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When Europeans began settling America in the 16th century the Choctaw were ... from its ancestral home to land set aside for them in what is now Oklahoma.

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Today the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Mississippi Band of ... It was perhaps the first European writing that included part of the Choctaw origin story. .... began a period of new alignments for the Choctaws and other southern Indians.

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May 16, 2013 ... Oklahoma Choctaw Battalion Flag during the American Civil War .... The impact of European diseases on the Choctaw is unclear. ... Revolution began a period of new alignments for the Choctaws and other southern Indians.

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Apr 6, 1999 ... visit The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma ... that these centers may already have been on the decline before contact with Europeans. .... They were horrified that the Creeks would turn white anger against all southern Indians.

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Aug 9, 2010 ... The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Mississippi Band of Choctaw ... were the first major non-European ethnic group to become U.S. citizens. .... a period of new alignments for the Choctaws and other southern Indians.

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Choctaw Chief Mushulatubbee Sketched by George Catlin in the 1830s. ... Choctaws began migrating to Indian Territory (later Oklahoma) along the “trail of tears. ... Removal was a complicated process that found Indians and Euro- Americans on both ... divisions: the western, eastern, and Six Towns (or southern) divisions.

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Apr 1, 2014 ... Was the Southern food I'd come to love in Atlanta, with its fascinating mishmash of European and African influences, also influenced by the Native tribes now residing in those Oklahoma plains, thousands of miles away? ... The southeastern tribes, like the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Creek, ...