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Populus section Populus, of the Populus (poplar) genus, includes the aspen trees and the white poplar Populus alba. The five typical aspens are all native to cold regions with cool summers, in the north of the Northern Hemisphere, extending south at high altitudes in the mountains. ... Populus alba – white poplar (northwest Africa, southern Europe, east to ...


White poplar's native range includes central, southern, and eastern Europe, the ..... In Wisconsin, white poplar occurs in early-successional dune communities, ...


... by common name * = horticultural species, does not grow in Wisconsin unless cultivated ... alder, black; European alder · Alnus glutinosa · alder; speckled; tag ...


horticultural species, does not grow in Wisconsin unless cultivated ... Alnus glutinosa · black alder, European alder ... Populus nigra, Lombardy poplar.


white poplar, USDA PLANTS Symbol: POAL7 U.S. Nativity: ... Africa, temp. Asia, Europe (GRIN); ..... Kings Mountain National Military Park (South Carolina)


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources provides equal opportunity ..... variety of the. European poplar never bears .... ledges in southern half of state;.


Distribution: From southern/central Europe to central Asia. Tree Size: 50-80 ft ... White Poplar Wood - sawdust shaving flake turning leaf dust powder chip. $2.07.


Serving all of Milwaukee & Southeast Wisconsin. ... The European beech is a highly prized and very attractive tree grown in large areas such as parks, lawns, ...


May 6, 2014 ... If you are looking for a comprehensive article on poplar for biofuel production, this is for you. Table of Contents ... Environmental profile of ethanol from poplar biomass as transport fuel in Southern Europe. ... New London, WI.


Wisconsin began preparing for war more than one year before Pearl Harbor. ... By February 1942, they moved to Massachusetts in preparation for duty in Europe. ... to California and instead deployed to the South Pacific, arriving in Australia in May 1942. ... Richard Bong, a Poplar, Wisconsin native, gained national fame as ...