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European colonization[edit]. The predominant culture of the South was rooted in the settlement ... The French and Spanish established colonies in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. The Spanish colonized...

Austin's Colony


Austin's Colony was the first legal settlement of North American families in ... Stephen F. Austin's father, Moses, laid the foundation for this colony in Texas during late .... the Hispanic ranching tradition into their own Southern livestock practices; from ... States, and balance these Anglos with Mexican and European settle...

The Colonists - What they created


To understand the geographical claims of European nations in colonial North America. .... Within 93 years after the first permanent British colony was settled in North ... Arizona, Florida, and Texas, as well as parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. .... The geography of the Southern colonies included rivers with deep water ...

Ant "Supercolony" in Europe Raises Questions About Getting Along


Apr 23, 2002 ... Researchers have discovered an enormous "supercolony" of these ants that extends across 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles) of Southern Europe.

Hotels & Accommodations in The Colony, Texas


This is your guide to The Colony's hotels and accommodations. Experience true southern hospitality during your next trip to The Colony. ... Be sure to taste the fine fares from their award winning European chef or play a round of 18-hole ...



Jun 9, 2010 ... Local settlements within his colony elected alcaldes, similar to justices of .... 200 European families to the Nueces above the Power-Hewetson grant. .... settle 300 families in the southern portion of the canceled Edwards grant.

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Most of the immigrants who came to America through Ellis Island were from eastern and southern Europe. In many cases, they came to escape the poverty and ...

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Mar 1, 2002 ... In 1990, Africanized Honey Bees reached southern Texas, appeared ... time, the abundance of other species of bee decreases and colony nectar and ... They react to disturbances ten times faster than European Honey Bees, ...

Migration from the Colonies to Western Europe since 1800 — EGO


Nov 13, 2012 ... Colonialism not only stimulated more than 60 million Europeans to migrate ... up a farm or an enterprise in the colony had a good chance of improving their ... The Immigration From Africa Into Southern Europe (1500–1800).

Episode 3: The Scramble for Africa | 15 Minute History


Oct 24, 2012 ... It was very much a settler colony, similar to South Africa, which is probably ... There's a large European-descendant population in Southern Africa, with .... This podcast is inspired by the following standards in the Texas high ...

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immigration from southern Europe, although between the cot- ton growers and the rice .... The "colony " plan has also brought desirable immigrants to the South. ... 1904 upon i00,ooo acres of land in northern Texas. Around nearly every ...

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Christophe G. de Taurines, Managing Director - European Investor Relations of Colony ... Mr. Dailey received a B.S. from Texas Southern University in 1971.

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Magna Graecia (Megalē Hellas) refers to the coastal areas of southern Italy which were colonized by various ancient Greek city-states from... ... 740 BCE) to the Spartan colony of Tarentum (founded c. .... University of Texas Press (01 September 2009) ... The Ancient History Encyclopedia logo is a registered EU trademark.