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Space colonization - Wikipedia


Space colonization is permanent human habitation off the planet Earth. Many arguments have ... Space settlements would have to provide for nearly all (or all) the material needs of hundreds or thous...

Space Settlement


NASA research office offering introduction to the subject with studies, on-line books, links and a student contest.

Space Colonization Basics - Space Settlement - NASA


It is intended to be an accessible introduction to the ideas developed in the Stanford/NASA Ames space settlement studies of the 1970s to support the annual ...

Space Settlement - National Space Society


An all-volunteer effort including a Space Settlement Library of over 30,000 pages ... A future with space settlements is vastly better than one without them.

Orbital Space Settlements - National Space Society


An orbital space settlement is a giant spacecraft big enough to live in. Orbital settlements will travel endlessly through space while the folks inside work, play, ...

The Space Settlement Institute


Non-profit organization dedicated to finding ways to make space settlement happen in our lifetimes.

Orbital Space Settlement


Al Globus' studies, reviews, and links on the subject of O'Neill-style space settlements.

The Space Settlement Initiative


Unfortunately, it seems clear that, as things stand now, space settlement will not happen soon enough for any of us to see it. But that could be changed!

Space Settlements - Orbital Space Settlement


Table of Contents. NASA SP-413. Space Settlements. A Design Study. Edited by. Richard D. Johnson, NASA Ames Research Center; Charles Holbrow, Colgate ...

NASA's Giant Space Colony Concepts Explained (Infographic)


Aug 5, 2013 ... In the 1970s, NASA scientists studied the possibilities of building giant space colonies. See how colossal space communities would work.