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The Specie Circular is a United States presidential executive order issued by President Andrew Jackson in 1836 pursuant to the Coinage Act and carried out by ...

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Specie Circular , (July 11, 1836), in U.S. history, an executive order issued by President Andrew Jackson requiring that payment for the purchase of public lands ...

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The Bank had insisted that state banks make payments in specie, or gold and ... Jackson quickly responded by issuing his "Specie Circular" in July of 1836.

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Find a summary, definition and facts about the Specie Circular for kids. Andrew Jackson and the 1836 Specie Circular. Information about the Specie Circular for  ...

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The third, of July 1836, directed that nothing but gold or silver should be accepted as payment for public land. By curbing land speculation, the specie circular of ...

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Specie and the Specie Circular ... Congress passed a law in 1836 that required the federal surplus to be distributed to the states in four payments. Shortly ...

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Specie Circular and the Election of 1836; Biography of Andrew Jackson.

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In June of 1836 Congress passed the Distribution Act which called for the ... Jackson's purpose in issuing the Specie Circular was to curb speculation in land.

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July 11, 1836, The Specie Circular is issued by Treasury Secretary Levi Woodbury. Jackson and his administration felt it would check the speculation in land ...

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Specie Circular. prev next ... deposits from it, Jackson attacked the entire banking industry by issuing in 1836 an executive order known as the Specie Circular.

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To curtail these alarming trends, Jackson issued the Species Circular on July 11, 1836. The executive order meant that federal land could no longer be bought ...

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In July 1836, President Andrew Jackson issued the Specie Circular. Under this act, the government would only accept gold or silver in payment for federal land.

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Apr 18, 2015 ... Understanding Jackson's Bank War is critical to our future. He was absolutely correct insofar following the Jeffersonian view, that a national ...