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Speech disorders or speech impediments are a type of communication disorder where 'normal' speech is disrupted. This can mean stuttering, lisps, etc.

Speech and Language Disorders and Diseases


Speech and Language Disorders and Diseases. When a person is unable to produce speech sounds correctly or fluently, or has problems with his or her voice, ...

Speech Disorders
Speech disorders can affect the way a person creates sounds. These sounds, of course, help us to form words and are necessary for communication with other people. Speech disorders can affect both adults and children. Certain voice disorders may also be considered speech disorders. One of the most commonly experienced speech disorders... More »
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If you have concerns about your child' s speech or language, consult a ... Preschool Language Disorders · Language-Based Learning Disabilities ( Reading, ...

Speech Sound Disorders: Articulation and Phonological Processes


Frequently asked questions about speech sound disorders. ... Speech sound disorders include problems with articulation (making sounds) and phonological ...

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Feb 15, 2016 ... A speech disorder is a condition in which a person has problems creating or forming the speech sounds needed to communicate with others.

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Read medical definition of Speech disorder. ... Speech disorders may affect articulation (phonetic or phonological disorders); fluency (stuttering or cluttering);  ...

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... it has problems with needing capitalization of first letter of definitions and decapitalization of first letter of term entries except where they contain proper names. Please improve this articl...

Definitions of Communication Disorders and Variations


They provide guidance on definitions of communication disorders and variations, but are not official standards of the Association. They were developed by the ...

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Q: What is link between speech disorders and intelligence? - Quora
A: Dec 17, 2015 ... A speech disorder is difficulty pronouncing words due to a physical problem with the mouth and tongue, palate, jaw etc, or the neuromotor ... Read More »
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Q: What causes sudden speech disorders in adults? - Quora
A: Adult Speech Impairment this link seems helpful. I also have a cousin in America who works on geriatric speech disorders,I could help you both connect on ... Read More »
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Q: What is the difference between communication disorders and ...
A: May 17, 2014 ... Speech pathology is the field used to treat communication disorders. Those who go to graduate school to become Speech-Language ... Read More »
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Q: Why do I have speech disorder? | Yahoo Answers
A: Sep 2, 2016 ... That is the way your brain is wired, from birth. YOU need special help to overcome it. Gary B · 1 month ago. 1. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down. Read More »
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Q: Are speech disorders genetic? Can they be cured? - Quora
A: Some speech disorders are caused by illnesses or injuries, so they have no genetic cause. A speech therapist can work with people who have speech disorders ... Read More »
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