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Become A Vampire *Works*; This will make you a vampire. This is how I Became a vampire. It works I know it does.


This ancient spell to become a vampire is one of many odes to the moonlight goddess Selene.


Read Vampire Spells from the story The Full Moon by a__girl__who__writes ... This spell actually works, you will become a vampire 3 days after you do this spell  ...

Jul 12, 2014 ... Turn into a vampire in 1 hour Hi guys hope you enjoyed the video. ... My Mermaid Spell To Become A Real Mermaid Merman! - Duration: 1:50.
Mar 5, 2013 ... Subscribe for more Spells. ... Spell to become a Vampire Instantly. MagicSpellCasting. Loading... Unsubscribe from MagicSpellCasting?
Sep 10, 2014 ... I love this spell! You'll become a real vampire. This spell is true and real! comment and like please it would help a lot.


Jan 21, 2010 ... Something such as a spell perhaps? If you're interested in becoming a vampire, and don't mind sitting around some candles and chanting (and ...


The real human to vampire changing vampire spells are found here. These vampire spells can ... How to become a vampire- Vampire spells 1. What you need to ...


Feb 2, 2012 ... ''dark ritual of becoming a real vampire always come along with ... a real vampire is made through a dark ritual or powerful black magic spells, ...


You can change your kin to a vampire but you cannot become a real physical vampire. You can find simple enough astral spells online. Note they only change your ...