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In 1939, American physician Albert R. Behnke Jr. began exploring the causes of ... As a liquid, xenon has a density of up to 3.100 g/mL, with the density maximum .... as the <sup>129</sup>...

2015 JAIC Style Guide - American Institute for Conservation


Abbreviate Co., Corp., Inc., in citations and source lists; spell out in running text; “ &” is .... adviser aging airbrush (adj., n., v.) air conditioner, air conditioning air-dry (v.) ... et al.: permitted in text etc.: permitted in text. Ethafoam. EVA: no need to spell out. F .... The Author-Date System briefly cites sources in the...

JAIC Style Guide - American Institute for Conservation


Abbreviate Co., Corp., Inc., in citations and source lists; spell out in running text; “ &” is .... adviser aging airbrush (adj., n., v.) air conditioner, air conditioning air-dry (v.) ... et al.: permitted in text etc.: permitted in text. Ethafoam EVA: no need to spell out .... The Author-Date System briefly cites sources in the tex...

Rain water runoff from porous building facades: implementation and ...


Mar 18, 2013 ... moisture permeability (combined liquid and vapour) (s). Kl .... In this case the surrounding fluid is the air and following Fan et al. [26] ... The used coordinate system for this equation is depicted in Fig. 2. ..... The horizontal rain intensity is different for both spells (see Fig. 16 ..... [31] Jerrett JM, de Bruyn...

Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Bridge Decks - CT.gov


FTA, or Transit development Corporation endorsement of a particular product ... Dr. Harvey V. Fineberg is president of the Institute of Medicine. ... Michael Baker, Jr., Inc. .... erally consist of either preformed sheet systems or liquid systems. ..... According to Kepler et al. .... Specify a minimum deck and/or air temperature.

9. Abbreviations and Letter Symbols Abbreviations and letter - U.S. ...


Company and Corporation are not abbreviated in names of Federal ... The equivalent officer groupings in the Navy are called junior ... At the E–8 level, the Army, Marines, and Air Force have two positions at the ..... 241 et al.—(et alii) and others et seq.—(et sequentia) and the following etc. .... LCD—liquid crystal display lc.

Adhesives for highly polished surfaces and low temperature: A ...


Samples are also cycled to liquid nitrogen temperature to test the effect of ... large amounts of air can be trapped in the form of small bubbles. .... Silvera et al.

An HSUS Report: Factory Farming in America - Animal Studies ...


Jan 23, 2002 ... factory farms pollute air, water and soil; uproot ... Agriculture Commissioner, Lester Spell, Jr. “The ..... the slurry system and the liquid lagoon system.40,68 In a slurry ..... they sign a contract to raise thousands of hogs for a corporation. .... Donham KJ, Wing S, Osterberg D, et al. ... State of North Dakota v.

Establishment of inherent stability on piracetam by UPLC/HPLC and ...


Nov 20, 2012 ... ( Nguyen et al., 2006 and Mazzeo et al., 2005; De Villiers et al., 2006; Wren and Tchelitcheff, 2006). ... High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) ... Thermal stability study was performed in a hot air oven (Oven universal with ... of Acquity UPLC system manufactured by Waters Corporation; Milford, ...

Paintable Battery : Scientific Reports - Nature


Jun 28, 2012 ... However, a seamless integration of these energy storage systems into ... formulation of component materials into liquid dispersions (paints), ... the nominal voltage of paintable batteries (∼3.6 V for LCO-Graphite cell). ..... by heat sealing with PE-Al-PET (Pack Plus Converting Corp.) ... Pushparaj, V. L. et al.

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Defendant removes another asbestos lung cancer suit to federal ...


Apr 17, 2013 ... He has filed at least two other lung cancer asbestos suits -- Leggett v. Boeing Co. et al. and Spells Jr. v. Air & Liquid Systems Corporation et al.

Rules - Delaware Courts - State of Delaware


Aug 8, 2007 ... VERNON A. MERCIER, et al. ... and Chesapeake Corp. v. ... Recognizing, however, that the Supreme Court's recent decision in Liquid Audio ... Mitel Networks Corporation in an all cash, all shares merger for $25.60 a ... As I grasp it, this essentially means that Inter-Tel sells high-tech phone systems and.

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The Coca-Cola Co., et al., No. ... First Bankers Trust Services, Inc., et al., No. ... to now show cause as to why the dispute should not be arbitrated (Dynaresource De Mexico, S.A. de C.V., et al. v. .... United Industries & Construction Corp., No.

McMillion Complaint - Coastal Carolina Riverwatch


Aug 21, 2014 ... v. ) ) Murphy-Brown, LLC,. ) ) Defendant. ) Case 4:14-cv-00155-BO ... a Chinese- backed multinational corporation, Shuanghui, in late 2013 in a ... Plaintiff Joe E. Powell, Jr. is a resident of North Carolina who lives at 217 Rock ...... gun” system in which liquid is sprayed up into the air, and mist can drift off.

Dockets Civil Cases - McLean County


09:00 AM, JONES -V- BECHTEL CORPORATION, ET AL, 4A, 2014L0000019. 09 :00 AM .... 09:00 AM, OSF HEALTHCARE SYSTEM VS SEALS, 4C, 2014SC001425 .... Thursday, October 08, 2015, 10:45 AM, DONNELLY VS NELSON, JR, 3E ...