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This spell will give you three wishes, but choose wisely. ⇒. 3 Wishes. A wish spell, meant to grant you three wishes. I don't know if you can wish for more wishes ...


This is something i grew up with, it grants wishes. I don't know if this is my power or just a spell. All i know is that it works for me, and if you mess up while saying ...


Wish Spells - List of Magic Spells. Learn how to ... Make a wish and cast these spells correctly and your wish will come true. The more ... Universe Grant Wish


May my wish be granted. When the candle sheds its gleam. At the mystic hour, Let fulfillment of my dream. Gather secret power. Flame of magic, brightly burn,


Make your wishes come true by the use of this genie spell. The use of this spell ensures all your wishes to come true by the might of the genie. A true grant wish ...


Free Grant Wishes Spell. Real grant a wish spell to make your wishes come true.


Free Wishing Spells - Get Your Wish Spells - Magic Spells To Get What You Want ... Magic Spell To Show You The Truth Of A Situation or To Grant Any Wish.


See more about Magic spells, Magick spells and White magic spells. ... how to grant your wish with magic spells A simple Wish spell from Grandmother's ...


A Magic wishing well, luck improving magic freespells, real luck enhancing spells , free wishing magic spell, ... The Magic Wishing Well has granted over wishes!


Wish-Magick by Gerina Dunwich. With the exception of love-magick, wish-magick is perhaps the most popular form of white magick practiced in modern times. it ...