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Grow a mermaid tail; Spell that works fast and is a bit painful like a pinch.


This is a spell I have created to give you the powers and tail of a mermaid. ..... a tial to fully grow and form but after on week you'll get your tail and powers enjoy.


plant; empty bottle with cap. To make a mermaid tail beautiful and heal. Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid Tail Potion'. Similar Spells. Mermaid Spell (Version 2)

Dec 9, 2013 ... This video will show you a magic spell that you can do to give you a real mermaid tail (this is just pretend you will now grow sn actual tail)


As I grow the tail of a fish,. And I become a mermaid. When my tail is grown,. Gills will open on my neck,. But my lungs will not disappear,. And I will breathe both ...

Aug 5, 2011 ... SPELL 1: oh great spirits of the deep sea make me a mermaid that is ... to me a mermaid when wet a human when dry my scaly tail shall be (tail ...
Jun 5, 2013 ... How to get water powers + a mermaid tail :)(: - Duration: 5:43. kiiiiim 260,829 views · 5:43. HONEST Review of the FIN FUN Mermaid Tail ...


DON'T BLOWDRY YOUR HAIR! you will get your powers in 24 hours and your tail should grow in 2 weeks. Rules: 1 don't look at the full moon 2 it only takes one  ...

Dec 31, 2012 ... A mermaid spell that really works! here's the spell: mermaids of the deep so powerful to me make my wish come true ill have the tail color of ...