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A sphere is a perfectly round geometrical object in .... is the ratio of mass to volume. A sphere can also be ...

Volume of a sphere | Volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres ...


Sal introduces and uses the formula for the volume of a sphere, V=4/3πr³.

How Do You Find the Volume of a Sphere? | Virtual Nerd


If you know the radius of the sphere, you can simply plug that value into the formula for the volume of a ... volume; sphere; radius; 2/3 volume of cylinder; 2r.

How to Calculate the Volume of a Sphere: 5 Steps


Write down the equation for calculating the volume of a sphere. This is the equation: V = ⁴⁄₃πr³. In this equation, "V" represents volume and "r" represents the ...

Develop and apply the formula for volume of a sphere - LearnZillion


In this lesson you will learn how to develop and apply the formula for volume of a sphere by comparing spheres and cylinders with similar dimensions.

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Jun 9, 2011 ... visit my site: http://www.pythagoreanmath.com (4/3)πr(cubed) gives you the volume of a sphere, but where does the formula come from?

Kids Math: Finding the Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere


Kids learn how to find the volume and surface area of a sphere. Formulas used for this shape. Example math problems.

Calculate the Volume of a Sphere - CalculateMe.com


This will calculate the volume of a sphere based on its radius. Radius. Volume. 4,188.790205. (results are rounded). Formula. The volume of a sphere is 4/3rds ...

Lesson 12: The Volume Formula of a Sphere - EngageNY


volume formula to derive a formula for the surface area of a sphere. Lesson Notes. Students informally derive the volume formula of a sphere in Lesson 12 ...

Volume of a Sphere - AAA Math


An interactive math lesson to teach how to find the volume of a sphere. ... The volume of a sphere can be found by the formula: volume = 4/3 π r<sup>3</sup> ...

Formula for the Volume of a Sphere
A sphere is a three-dimensional shape that has no corners. It is perfectly symmetrical and every point on the sphere is the same distance from the central point. Round balls are shaped like spheres. The earth is a spheroid -- it is sphere-like. The North... More »
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Volume Formulas - Math.com


cone = (1/3) b h = 1/3 pi r <sup>2</sup> h. sphere = (4/3) pi r <sup>3</sup>. ellipsoid = (4/3) pi r1 r2 r3. Units. Volume is measured in "cubic" units. The volume of a figure is the number of ...

Volume of a sphere - Math Open Reference


Where r is the radius of the sphere. In the figure above, drag the orange dot to change the radius of the sphere and note how the formula is used to calculate the  ...

Area and Volume Formula for geometrical figures


Area and Volume Formula for geometrical figures - square, rectangle, triangle, polygon, circle, ellipse, trapezoid, cube, sphere, cylinder and cone.