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In the field of international relations, a sphere of influence (SOI) is a spatial region or concept ... Europe/Latin America, Lusophonie, Turkosphere, Chinese cultural sphere, Slavisphere, Hispanophone, Malay World, as well as many others.


Spheres of Influence in China. During the early 1800s, Europe was involved in expanding its economic reach through trade in East Asia, including China, a.


In 1900, China was heavily controlled by foreign nations who tended to ... European nations also divided up China into spheres of influence and in these ...


Second, it is the vital area for China's rise that world powers ... regard to potential Chinese and Russian spheres of influence, “The question for the United. States ...


Feb 4, 2017 ... Great Britain, Germany, Russia, France, and Japan carve the Chinese pie into spheres of influence while a Manchu official looks on helplessly.


Jun 6, 2017 ... For China, establishing a Southeast Asian sphere of influence would bring it several benefits. In making regional states more pliable, China ...


China's military and economic weakness and heightened Western imperialism worldwide during the 1890s resulted in the division of China into Western ...


Foreign Spheres of Influence in China, 1842–1907. zoom. visibility. Layers. British; French; German; Japanese; Russian; British colony; French colony


In China, the spheres of influence were initially marked out in 1896–1898. At the beginning of that period, Russia secured from China the right to construct a ...

Dec 9, 2008 ... This is another movie I made for my world studies class (It's kind of boring): In 1860, Russia takes possesion of a large stretch of china's nothern ...