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The spotted wobbegong (Orectolobus maculatus) is a carpet shark in the family Orectolobidae, found in the eastern Indian Ocean from Western Australia to ...

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Spotted wobbegong flesh is often considered excellent for eating. Furthermore, the skin of the shark is very tough and makes very beautifully patterned leather.

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May 7, 2016 ... A Spotted Wobbegong shark (Orectolobus maculatus), showing skin flaps round the mouth and cryptic colouration located at Shelly Beach, ...

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Mar 10, 2013 ... The species name maculatus comes from the Latin word macula which means spot, and refers to the shark's spotted colouration. 'Wobbegong' ...

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Aug 5, 2012 ... This Spotted Wobbegong shark (Orectolobus maculatus) was resting on top of the edge of Bare Island's west wall site (Sydney, Australia).

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Spotted Wobbegong. Orectolobus maculatus. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: spottedwobbegong.jpg. A squat-bodied shark with a large flattened head and fleshy beard.

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Spotted wobbegong are bottom-dwelling sharks found in marine environments ranging from temperate to tropical. Their main habitat consists of inshore areas ...

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Image of Orectolobus maculatus (Spotted wobbegong) ... (sharks and rays) > Orectolobiformes (Carpet sharks) > Orectolobidae (Carpet or nurse sharks)

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The vast majority of shark species are recognizably 'sharky', but the Spotted ... One theory is that wobbegong means “living rock” and, indeed, if the Spotted ...

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Description: Wobbegong are highly patterned, flat sharks that can easily hide ... bottom right), Japanese Wobbegong, Spotted Wobbegong (pictured: top left), ...

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Find out what's known about Spotted Wobbegong Sharks, Orectolobus maculatus, Elasmobranchii, Orectolobiformes, Orectolobidae, including their world range ...

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Despite its unthreatening appearance, the spotted wobbegong is capable of inflicting ... The nocturnal spotted wobbegong is an ovoviviparous shark, thus the  ...

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The Spotted Wobbegong (Orectolobus maculatus) is probably an Australian ..... Relative to the area known to be occupied by the Spotted Wobbegong, shark ...