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Individual locations on a spreadsheet. The intersection of a row and column. Cell. The column letter and row number used to identify a cell, such as B3.

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Vocabulary.com ... Definitions of spreadsheet. 1 ... And Jacoby knows he can hardly fling spreadsheets about his accomplishments to an indifferent world.

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Spreadsheet Vocabulary and Task. Cell--the intersection of a row and a column on a spreadsheet in which data can be entered. Cell Address--the location of a ...

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Vocabulary. Cell – The intersection of a row and a column. ActiveCell – The highlighted cell. It is the current cell you are working with. Label – A word that ...

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Spreadsheet Vocabulary for Numbers. • Table or Spreadsheet– Tool for organizing information into rows, columns, and cells. • Cell – One box in a table or ...

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Answer the following questions on spreadsheet vocabulary.

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Vocabulary and functions learned during the spreadsheet unit of Computer Applications.

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View Notes - Excel Spreadsheet Vocabulary from BUSINESS Comp Apps at Lithia Springs Comprehensive High School. Excel Spreadsheet Vocabulary ...

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This is a word search for the study of spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel. It contains 24 vocabulary words.Keywords: word search, Excel, spreadsheet, ...

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Vocabulary words for Spreadsheet Vocabulary. Includes studying games and tools such as flashcards.

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Vocabulary words for MS Excel Spreadsheet vocabulary words. Includes studying games and tools such as flashcards.

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Nov 19, 2011 ... Spreadsheet Vocabulary. Active Cell: Cell into which any text or numbers that are entered will be placed. Cell address: Name of cell, taken from ...

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Spreadsheet Vocabulary List. 1) Range - a group of cells. 2) Grid lines - horizontal and vertical lines in a spreadsheet. 3) Numeric label – a number that is used ...

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indent, this type of chart may be used to immediately reflect up-to-date changes made to a spreadsheet. right, default justification for labels. count, instruct the ...