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This is a list of notable people best known by a stage name consisting of a single word. This list .... Avicii (born 1989), Swedish EDM DJ, remixer, and record producer; Avra, Greek-Australian singer-songwriter, actress, dancer and producer ...


An annotated list of popular/famous dancers. Contents. 0–9; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N ..... Joe Frisco was an American vaudeville performer who first made his name on stage as a jazz dancer, but later incorporated his stuttering voice ...


Kabuki (歌舞伎) is a classical Japanese dance-drama. Kabuki theatre is known for the ..... Every actor has a stage name, which is different from the name they were born with. These stagenames, most often those of the actor's father, grandfather, ...


Women's Stage Names for Belly Dance compiled by Saqra. ... Also an Greek Name Meaning "Beauty," and a Hebrew Name Meaning "Fire." Variants, Adar and ...


... Quiz will help you find out just exacatly what your Stage name should be !!! ... Tease the Boyz dance around the pole and bend over lots to show em what i got.


Serena Doherty July 20, 2016 Burlesque Dancing Basics. Burlesque Name. Here's how to find your burlesque name for a creative stage name or just for fun.


If your name can be used as an adjective or shares the name of a popular city, you might be a stripper. According to some parenting message boards, blogs and  ...


For this to be successful, appropriate stage names are required for "strippers", or if you prefer an element of delicacy, "Exotic dancers.


A "dance name"? What's that, and why do you need it? A "dance name" is similar to a writer's "pen name" or an actor's "stage name" — it's a name that you use ...


Dance name generator. 1000's of names are available, you're bound to find one you like.