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Stand-up comedy is a comic style in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience, ... to work on their material. As the name implies, "stand-up" comedians usually perform their ma...

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It's counter-intuitive, but it's actually far easier to develop engaging material and get good at writing ... We take “joke writing” as a given in stand-up comedy…

How To Write Stand-up Comedy Material (Overview)


This article covers aspects of how to write stand-up comedy material that are not found in popular books on stand-up comedy.

George Carlin on How He Came Up With Material, Advice to Young ...


Dec 10, 2013 ... George Carlin on How He Came Up With Material, Advice to Young .... few people that [stand-up comedy] is an arena of expression, rather than ...

What is your method writing new material? : Standup - Reddit


Apr 5, 2015 ... i'm brand new to the stand up game but I have generated material by asking myself these questions - "what scares you?" "what really angers ...

6 Ways to Not Suck at Stand-Up Comedy - Cracked.com


Apr 7, 2013 ... I've wanted to write about stand-up comedy ever since I started doing it ... (A lot of this material was also in a Cracked column I wrote around the ...

Writing Jokes 1-2-3 - Stand Up Comedy Clinic


by Jerry Corley founder of The Stand Up Comedy Clinic ... With this information we have all we need to develop material for the premise “video poker app.

How to write comedy: Writing for stand-up | Books | The Guardian


Sep 22, 2008 ... At its best, stand-up comedy is the purest and most immediate medium ... adapt your style and material to dozens of different, difficult scenarios.

Stand-up Comedy Glossary | Creating a Comic


“I was scheduled to feature last night, but got bumped when a famous headliner dropped by to do some new material.” Bombed — Sucked, failed, stunk up the ...

Standup Comedy Devices: The Biggest Traps in Writing ...


I love pieces that break things down. Whenever I have an actor or a comedian or a psychologist or a philosopher on my podcast, I like the guest to be my ...

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How To Write Comedy For Your First Time - Stand-Up Comedy ...


In stand-up, writing matters only because it helps the PERFORMANCE. ... You'll discover that, in general, they use very f; Go through your own material and ...

The Goal: Develop Headliner Level Stand-up Comedy Material


Interesting article on what headliner level stand-up comedy material is based on seconds of laughter per minute.

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Conventional Joke Writing: The Fastest Path To Failure In Stand-up Comedy ... How do you develop stand-up comedy material that gets big laughs on stage?