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A staph infection is an infection caused by the staphylococcus bacteria, according to Mayo Clinic. While these bacteria typically live on the skin and in the nose of healthy people...

Definition of a Staph Infection
Staph infection is commonly found in hospitals and often affects those with compromised immune systems, surgical wounds and burns. Staph infections can be difficult to treat. According to Mayo Clinic, "fewer than 10 percent of today's staph infections... More »

Staphylococcal infection

The symptoms of a Staph Infection include a collection of pus, such as a boil or furuncle, or abscess. The area is typically tender or painful and may be reddened  ...

Staph Infection: Symptoms, Causes, Pictures & Treatment

Read about staph infection treatment and complications: impetigo and cellulitis. Staphylococcus aureus bacteria may cause these symptoms and signs: boils, ...
Answer: The most common symptom of a staph infection is a pimple or boil on the skin. However, you shouldn't let every pimple freak you out, and not every pimple is caused by staph. If you have a wound that seems to be infected, is warm to the touch, red, swollen, dra... More »
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Staph Infection (Cellulitis) Contagious, Causes, Symptoms ... - WebMD

WebMD explains staph infections of the skin, including symptoms and treatment.

Staph infections - Mayo Clinic

Staph infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, types of germs commonly found on the skin or in the nose of even healthy individuals. Most of the time, ...

Staphylococcal Infections: MedlinePlus

May 19, 2015 ... Staph is short for Staphylococcus, a type of bacteria. There are over 30 types, but Staphylococcus aureus causes most staph infections ...

Staph Infections - KidsHealth

When skin is punctured or broken for any reason, staph bacteria can enter the wound and cause an infection. But good hygiene can prevent many staph ...

Staph infections - self-care at home - National Library of Medicine

These persons are known as carriers. They can spread staph to others. Some people colonized by staph develop an actual staph infection that makes them sick.

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Q: What Are the Dangers of Staph Infection?
A: Toxic Shock Syndrome. One of the dangers that staph infections pose, particularly to women, is called toxic shock syndrome. Toxic shock syndrome is caused by th... Read More »
Q: What Is a Systemic Staph Infection?
A: Mutated Bacteria. Methacillin-resistant Staphylocococcus sureus is a mutated form of the bacteria. It does not respond to conventional antibiotics and is much m... Read More »
Q: What are the causes of staph infections?
A: staph is caused by the bacteria, Staphylococcus, which gets into a wound. Also, In teens, most staph infections are minor skin infections. People with skin prob... Read More »
Q: How are staph infections spread?
A: Staphylococcal bacterial are easily transmitted through direct contact, aerosols and fomites. Read More »
Q: How deadly is a staph infection?
A: Staph infection caused 18,700 deaths in the year 2005, which exceeds the 17,000 Read More »