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Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, centered on a film series created by ...... the original 1977 film and The Empire Strikes Back, this additional content greatly expanded the Star...

Star Wars: The Definitive Chronological Viewing Order of the New ...


With the Expanded Universe gone and a new Star Wars canon taking its place, this state of transition has given rise to many questions. Chief of those quest.

How to Watch Star Wars If You've Never Seen It Before - Vogue


Dec 13, 2015 ... Some people caution against watching the Star Wars films in chronological order because a few essential plot twists would be revealed early ...

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The Star Wars timeline tracks the canonical stories and events of the Star Wars universe. It gathers all events into one chronological continuity. The timeline ...

There is a correct order to show your children the Star Wars movies


Oct 24, 2014 ... Let's say you grew up watching the Star Wars trilogy, then had children sometime after 1999, when George Lucas started releasing the ...

Star Wars Timeline: The Complete Chronology


Aug 21, 2015 ... Dawn of the Jedi: Eruption (Star Wars Star Wars Insider #141) ... Galactic Timeline: Record 012: The Great Hyperspace War (swtor.com).

The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline


The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline continues to follow the original canon of Star Wars fiction, now called "Legends" by Disney. New stories that do not ...

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Chronological Episode Order | StarWars ...


Mar 17, 2014 ... Presenting the official Star Wars: The Clone Wars chronological episode order, including all 121 shows and the original feature film.

Star Wars: A Complete Chronology Of The New Canon : CULTURE ...


Oct 14, 2015 ... Lucasfilm's new canon for the Star Wars universe is a huge, sprawling collection of content. It includes not just movies and TV but novels, ...

Infographic: The New Star Wars Canon Timeline - Comics Alliance


Dec 16, 2015 ... A timeline of all the new Star Wars films, books and comics, and where they fit in the official new Disney canon.

The feature film series "Star Wars" consists of six movies, divided into two trilogies. The original film and two sequels released from 1977-1983 comprised Episodes IV-VI of the saga. Episodes I-III, released from 1999-2005, formed the prequel trilogy.
The narrative order is as follows: The Phantom Menace (1999), Attack of the Clones (2002), Revenge of the Sith (2005), A New Hope (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), and Return of the Jedi (1983).
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This is a timeline of galactic history recording the galaxy's important events. ... The Force Wars on Tython begin between the followers of Ashla and the .... Contention: Republic scouts encounter the Duinuogwuin, or Star Dragons, near ...

New Star Wars Canon Timeline in Chronological Order - Film


Aug 21, 2015 ... Here is the new Star Wars Canon Timeline, which presents all of the Disney- approved Star Wars canon (movies, tv shows, books, games) in ...

Star Wars Canon Timeline and Chronology - All Timelines


This is the Star Wars canon timeline for material that is “official canon.” The Lucasfilm story-group is responsible for determining what elements of Star Wars  ...