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Feb 10, 2011 ... Community Meeting. The second step of starting a museum, organize a community meeting, invite politicians, “want to be politicians”, parents, ...


Step 1: Learn About Museums. Before starting a new museum, take time to learn about museums and the museum community. Successful museums are ones in ...


Starting a new museum is a complex undertaking with serious fiduciary and legal ... vision, a clear purpose, adequate resources and community engagement.


A museum is a magnificent addition to a community but it is also a lot of work. ... met.3 If you are thinking about starting a museum, you have detected a need in.


Starting Right: A Basic Guide to Museum Planning ... for creating a sustainable house museum and making it a valued organization within the community.


The Small Museums Community assists America's small museums in their endeavors, helping to make them stronger and ... Are you looking for a place to start?


This Information Kit has been developed to assist community museums and galleries ... from this type of project, gives some starting points and lists some useful.


The community is the owner of the. The Power of Self-Interpretation: Ideas on Starting a Community Museum. CUAUHTÉMOC CAMARENA AND TERESA ...


Starting (. Starting (or improving or improving or improving) a museum .... http:// www.heritage.vic.gov.au/Volunteer-community/Calendar/Calendar-View.aspx.


For your museum to succeed, you must build public support. A good first step is to make your city or community feel the project is theirs -- not just yours.