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10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Hair Static | The Stir

Jan 23, 2013 ... It's cold and dry outside and I've got a horrible case of static cling -- IN MAH HAIR. Yesterday, my hair was so dry and staticky that I could hardly ...

How to Get Rid of Static Cling in Hair - How to remove that

Dealing with static cling in hair is so very frustrating! And it seems to pop up at all the wrong times, like just before you go to an important meeting at work or ...

Remedies for Static Hair | ThriftyFun

This is a guide about remedies for static hair. If your hair is staticy or flyaway you are probably seeking a remedy to get it back under control and smooth again.

9 Ways To Win The War On Static Hair - Huffington Post

Nov 19, 2014 ... Yeah, all those winter wonders aren't worth it if we've got to deal with the other winter mainstay that haunts us all season: static hair.

How to Get Rid of Static in Your Hair and Clothes -

The Cure for Static Cling. By Valerie Monroe. Valerie Monroe. Photo: Jonathan Skow. Q: I get the worst static! My hair stands up and my clothes crawl. I've tried ...

How to Prevent Static Electricity in Your Hair: 9 Steps

Static electricity occurs when 2 objects have different electrical charges. ... Static electricity can have more of an impact on your hair in the winter because of hats, so if you .... ...

How to Cure a Bad Case of Static Cling - Jezebel

Mar 12, 2012 ... And tights plus skirts plus walking plus dry air equals static cling more intense than an ... Hair spray, applied topically, will also work in a pinch.

How to Prevent Static Cling in Your Hair | Howcast

Have you spent time styling your hair only to step outside and look like you stuck your finger in a light socket? Learn how to keep that beautiful hairstyle looking ...

How To Get Rid Of Static Cling In Hair? - Speedy Remedies

Nov 4, 2011 ... Lightly rubbing dryer sheets on hair is the most widely used and easiest remedy for getting rid of static cling in hair. So, you can stack some of ...

9 DIY Ways to Eliminate Static Cling Without Using Dryer Sheets ...

Feb 8, 2014 ... If you ever need to get rid of static cling quickly while on the go, ... How to Get Rid of Hair Static with a Dryer Sheet and Hand Lotion · How to ...

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Q: How to Stop Static Cling in Hair.
A: Things You'll Need. Dryer sheets. Anti-static mist. Natural bristle brush. Negative ion hairdryer. Instructions. The number one ingredient for eliminating flyaw... Read More »
Q: How to Get Rid of Static Cling in Hair.
A: 1. Increase the humidity levels in your home to discourage static cling. Low humidity causes the hair to dry out, creating the perfect environment for static. P... Read More »
Q: What is a home remedy for static cling in clothes?
A: I have the answer for you, Just put a cap full of Fabric softner and half to three quarters full of warm water to a spray bottle that has been emptied and washe... Read More »
Q: What are some best home remedies for static cling?
A: Fabric softener in a spray bottle or the sheets. Source(s) My mom. Read More »
Q: How do I make my hair not not have static cling?
A: You can wipe a dryer sheet (like Bounce) over your hair to remove the static electri... Read More »