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Phobia Statistics and Surprising Facts About Our Biggest Fears


Phobia Statistics and Surprising Facts About Our Biggest Fears Before showing you some of the reported phobia statistics and facts, I should tell you that there ...

The Facts & Statistics Behind our Most Common Phobias


Jun 12, 2014 ... The truth behind some of the most common phobias will shock you. Check out this infographic to find out why you have nothing to be scared of ...

Facts & Statistics | Anxiety and Depression Association of America ...


Facts & Statistics ... Specific Phobias 19 million, 8.7% ... See statistics for anxiety disorders among children from the National Institute of Mental Health. Anxiety ...

Statistics About Phobias - Eliminate Phobia and Fear Now - with Ease


Social Phobia - Statistics About Phobias Approximately 5.3 million American adults ages 18 to 54, or about 3.7 percent of people in this age group, have social ...

Fear / Phobia Statistics – Statistic Brain


Sep 4, 2016 ... Fear and Worry Statistics Data Percent of things feared that will never take place 60 % Percent of things feared that happened in the past and ...

Statistics On The Most Frequent Phobias


Statistics on the most frequent phobias. The most common phobia is Arachnophobia. Half of women and 10 per cent of men have this phobia.

NIMH » Specific Phobia Among Adults


Statistics Home · Prevalence · Serious Mental Illness (SMI) Among U.S. Adults ... Specific phobia involves marked and persistent fear and avoidance of a specific ...

Phobia Stats - Fear of Stuff


Phobia statistics suggest that roughly twice as many women as men suffer from panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, generalised anxiety disorder and ...

Phobias: MedlinePlus


A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. There ... phobias. Treatment helps most people with phobias. ... Statistics and Research; Clinical Trials; Journal Articles ...

Facts About Phobias | Psych Central


Phobias are persistent, irrational fears of certain objects or situations. Phobias occur in several forms; the fear associated with a phobia can focus on a.