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A diagram of the mitotic phases ... Cell cycle starts with this phase. Interphase, Gap 1, G1, Cells increase in size in Gap 1.

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The cell cycle is composed of interphase (G₁, S, and G₂ phases), followed by the mitotic phase (mitosis and cytokinesis), and G₀ phase.

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How a cell divides to make two genetically identical cells. Prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.

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Actively dividing eukaryote cells pass through a series of stages known collectively as the cell cycle: two gap phases (G1 and G2); an S (for synthesis) phase, ...

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This sequence of activities exhibited by cells is called the cell cycle. ... in cells, scientists have determined that interphase can be divided into 4 steps: Gap 0 (G0 ) ...

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The cell is engaged in metabolic activity and performing its prepare for mitosis ( the next four phases that lead up to and include nuclear division). Chromosomes  ...

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The cell cycle is an orderly process that has four main phases, or steps. Each phase has a purpose that must be completed before the next step begins.

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The stages of the cell cycle in order are interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. This process is known as mitosis and is used to generate ...

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In prokaryotes, the cell cycle is through the process of binary fission. In eukaryotes, the cell cycle can be divided into two phases - interphase and mitotic phase.

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Before cell division can occur, the genetic information, which is stored in DNA ... The cell cycle can be separated into two major phases that alternate with each ...