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Steps to Become a Christian. If we are to be saved and have a place in God's kingdom, we must accept God's way of salvation. Remember, all the help we shall ...

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How to Become a Christian - Eternal Options Realizing how to become a Christian is the most important discovery of your life! Becoming a Christian is more than ...

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You're not here by accident. God loves you. He wants you to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus, His Son. There is just one thing that ...

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Jun 18, 2012 ... What steps are involved in becoming a Christian? Are there particular steps involved in being born again? Read here to find out.

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Answer: The first step to become a Christian is to understand what the term “ Christian” means. The origin of the term “Christian” was in the city of Antioch in the ...

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Just a few difficult steps that should take a lifetime to finish… ... However, I don't really like using steps to become a Christian for these reasons: Christianity is a ...

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How to Become a Christian. A—ADMIT. Admit to God that you are a sinner ( Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23). Repent, turning away from your sin (Acts 3:19; 1 John ...

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At some point in your spiritual journey, you're going to ask, “What must I do to become a Christian?” In His wisdom, God has given us a very simple, five-step ...

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You do not become a Christian by being a member of a church. You do ... Though there are no rules or steps to becoming a Christian, the following is a biblical ...

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How to Become a Christian. 2. A Simple Salvation Prayer. 3. Getting Down to the Basics of Your Faith. 4. Common Christian Questions: Can I Lose My Salv… 5.

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So, now you know the basic steps to become a Christian. As a result, if you desire God's gift of eternal life and fellowship with Him, you are as close as a sincere ...

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How to Become a Christian According to the Bible. The Bible has a lot to say about becoming Christian. Here are some ways to consider the Bible as you ...

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Series About: Becoming a Christian. The life of a new Christian is both exciting and daunting. As a former atheist, my early experiences as a Christian were filled  ...