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Steve Jobs Was Wrong: Why the 7-Inch Tablet Is King | TIME.com


Nov 14, 2013 ... Back in 2010, Steve Jobs scoffed at the “current crop of seven-inch tablets,” calling them “dead on arrival.” “There are clear limits of how close ...

How Steve Jobs' 7-inch flip-flop worked to Apple's advantage - CNET


Oct 24, 2012 ... How Steve Jobs' 7-inch flip-flop worked to Apple's advantage .... precious display area to fit a tablet in their pocket is clearly the wrong tradeoff.

Why Steve Jobs might have been wrong about the iPad ... for kids ...


Sep 12, 2014 ... Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, shows off a new Apple product at the Apple MacWorld ... Tablets and other electronic gadgets can be irresistible for children. ... And he has to be at school by 7:15 AM every day of the school week. .... Harry Belafonte talks to Al about activism, music, Dr. Martin Luther King ...

7-Inch iPad Mini To Launch Alongside iPad 3 [Rumor] | Cult of Mac


Feb 10, 2012 ... While Steve did believe that 7-inch tablets were too small, that was .... If Apple were to create a 7-inch mini tablet, it will NOT use the iPad form factor and aspect ratio, but WOULD use the iPod/iPhone aspect ratio. ... Steven King • 4 years ago ... How does it feel to be consistently WRONG, all of the time?

Apple unveils monstrous new iPad Pro, goes against Steve Jobs ...


Sep 9, 2015 ... iPhone 7 Plus teardown shows us what replaced the headphone jack ... Apple CEO, Tim Cook, hyped up the crowd at its special event talking ... Its display measures a monstrous 12.9 inches with a resolution of 2732 x 2043 pixels. ... The iPad Pro would not be a worker tablet without its own accessories.

Apple's Steve Jobs didn't let his children have iPads and limited their ...


Sep 13, 2014 ... The late Apple co-founder didn't allow his children to spend too ... the year the first-generation tablet came out, as recalled this week by Times columnist Nick Bilton. ..... leads tributes to America's favorite golfer Arnold 'The King' Palmer ..... The Magnificent Seven gallops off with $35m at the box...

Windows and Android Tablets vs. iPads - ConsumerAffairs.com


What's wrong? ... The Apple iPad Mini – its seven-inch tablet introduced last year, list for under $335. ... The Google Nexus 7 tablet lists for $200, as does Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3, another seven-inch model. ..... to make gains and Android's global share of the tablet market now stands at a record 41 percent,” King said.

Steve Jobs Disses Google and RIM as Apple Profits Rise


Oct 19, 2010 ... Steve Jobs put in a rare appearance at Apple's quarterly earnings call last ... is the wrong way to go, as every tablet user will also has a smartphone. ... the tablet a portable device around 7inch because people already have a smart phone. ..... I'm not talking about the number of apps either, the OS is king.

Steve Jobs' iPad idea originated at dinner with Microsoft employee ...


Oct 25, 2011 ... ... not boasted to Steve Jobs over dinner that they had a revolutionary tablet in production. ... His anger drove him to create the seven-inch touchscreen iPad .... spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. ..... favorite golfer Arnold 'The King' Palmer who has died at the ag...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 hands-on preview - The Verge


Feb 23, 2013 ... Small tablets were always 7 inch before the iPad mini, but Apple has shown .... you're absolutely wrong. samsung was first at 7 and 7.7 and 8.9.

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Steve Jobs Was Wrong About Tablets - Business Insider


Nov 6, 2012 ... Well, It's Becoming Clear That Steve Jobs Was Flat-Out Wrong ... (Apple recently said that Jobs was just dissing 7-inch tablets, while the iPad ...

Is Tim Cook Contradicting Steve Jobs With the iPad Pro and Pencil?


It seems that Apple's latest CEO can't stop contradicting his predecessor. ... Context Is King .... The seven-inch tablets are tweeners, too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad.” ... In this case, Jobs was wrong.

Every Time Apple Sells 5 iPad Minis, It Will Lose A 9.7-Inch iPad Sale


Oct 18, 2012 ... Apple's upcoming iPad mini is set to shake up the tablet industry for a second time later this month. Its 9.7-inch tablet is the king of premium slates, an. ... iPhone 7 destroys Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 in speed test .... forgot "then makes up rumors about production issues etc to cover up he/she was wrong"...