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The stapes /ˈsteɪpiːz/ or stirrup is a bone in the middle ear of humans and other mammals which is involved in the conduction of sound vibrations to the inner ...

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stirrup bone (plural stirrup bones). (anatomy) the smallest bone in the human body; it is situated in the ear and passes vibrations from the anvil to cochlea ...

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Define stirrup bone. stirrup bone synonyms, stirrup bone pronunciation, stirrup bone translation, English dictionary definition of stirrup bone. n the nontechnical ...

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stirrup bone definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'stirrup', stirrup cup',stirrup pump',stirrup iron', Reverso dictionary, English definition, ...

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The stapes bone is also known as the "stirrup bone" because it is shaped like a stirrup. This is a movable bone that is connected to the malleus bone and the ...

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Otosclerosis is a condition of the middle ear and mainly affects the tiny stirrup ( stapes) bone. It causes gradual hearing loss. Treatments include hearing...

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Otosclerosis causes a buildup of bone around the stapes (stirrup bone). The buildup of bone keeps the stapes from moving normally, resulting in a type of ...

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The bones of the ear, also known as the auditory ossicles, are the three smallest ... Malleus means hammer or mallet; Incus means anvil; Stapes means stirrup.

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stirrup - (also called the stapes) a tiny, U-shaped bone that passes vibrations from the ... This is the smallest bone in the human body (it is 0.25 to 0.33 cm long) .

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Looking for online definition of stirrup bone in the Medical Dictionary? stirrup bone explanation free. What is stirrup bone? Meaning of stirrup bone medical term.

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Jan 31, 2008 ... Douglas E. Vetter, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at the Tufts University Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences, sounds out an answer to ...