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Pseudobathylagus milleri, the stout blacksmelt, also called the owlfish due to its large eyes relative to its body, is a species of deep-sea smelt native to the north ...

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Upload your photos and videos · Pictures | Google image · Image of Pseudobathylagus milleri (Stout blacksmelt). Pseudobathylagus milleri. Picture by Orlov, A.

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Oncorynchus tshawytscha. Dolly varden. Salvelinus malma. Deepsea smelts. Stout blacksmelt. Bathylagus milleri. California smoothtongue. Bathylagus stilbius .

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Nov 11, 2010 ... There is a genus of stout newts (how Gussie Fink-Nottle), and at least twenty other "stout" species: the stout red shrimp, the stout blacksmelt, the ...

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Jan 15, 2014 ... The news media reported it as a Pseudobathylagus miller which is a stout blacksmelt. If they are right, the fish's maximum size is about 6 inches ...

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blacksmelts. Leuroglossus schmidti northern smoothtongue. Lipolagus ochotensis popeye blacksmelt. Pseudobathylagus milleri stout blacksmelt. Bathylagus ...

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Aug 23, 2015 ... Some creatures, like the stout blacksmelt, are equipped with gigantic eyes to capture the minimal amounts of light that cannot be seen by most ...

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May 5, 2004 ... popeye blacksmelt. Pseudobathylagus milleri stout blacksmelt. Bathylagus pacificus slender blacksmelt. Macropinna microstoma barreleye.

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Pseudobathylagus milleri. Stout blacksmelt. 0.14. 0.11. 0.18. Lipolagus ochotensis. Eared blacksmelt. 0.21. 0.17. 0.29. Bathylagus pacificus. Pacific blacksmelt.

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eared blacksmelt) is a well-known mesopelagic fish that migrates vertically .... 1898; stout blacksmelt) are also mesopelagic; these bathy- lagids are common in  ...

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Viper/Dragonfish gape, blacksmelt .. fish gel. Stout Blacksmelt and "gel" layer. Pseudobathylagus (Bathylagus) milleri (200-1400m; max. 6600m !) --see related  ...

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Jan 28, 2014 ... The owlfish Pseudobathylagus milleri, also called the stout blacksmelt, also lives in the deep waters of the north Pacific Ocean, to depths of ...

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480. 480. Argentinidae. Nansenia candida. — Bluethroat Argentine. 1. 227. 227. Bathylagidae. Bathylagus milleri. — Stout Blacksmelt. 2. 88–89. 89. 34. 81–173.